Strange phone call

  feb 20:09 13 Feb 2010

Hi All
A couple of days ago I had a strange phone call.
The caller spoke in broken English and said he worked for Windows operating system security, he went on to say, there was a problem with my computer, a security problem and asked me to go to my computer and Right click on the My Computer icon. I played along and followed his instruction and he kept asking what I could see, I replied "the right click menu"
He asked again, what could I see, I decided to end the call.

I did a search for the phone number and the area code which both came up as unknown!

Today I searched for the phone number again and found this click here

Can any one shed any light on what they might be after Please?

  johnnyrocker 20:16 13 Feb 2010

reading the comments on there it seems to be what everyone wants to know?


  tullie 20:22 13 Feb 2010

Its a Bradford area code

  Technotiger 20:58 13 Feb 2010

Just another of the many scams going the rounds. I had a similar call not long ago, recognised what it was immediately and just put my phone down, after politely telling the foreign gentleman to go away, of course!

  Paddylad 22:45 13 Feb 2010

Nice one Technotiger, you've got a way with words.

  birdface 08:57 14 Feb 2010
  feb 09:23 14 Feb 2010

Thanks for all your comments, I knew the call didn't sound right and now I know the scam!

  LMcG 21:47 14 Feb 2010

Hi, they phoned me a couple of weeks ago. I have just done hacking at university. Managed to keep them talking for 30 mins at their expense before telling them where to go. The technician that wanted to connect remotely to my pc actually asked me if anyone used the pc for online banking or home shopping, I wonder why?!!

  rdave13 21:58 14 Feb 2010

With any such type of 'phone calls I ask them where they got this number as I'm registered with TPS. Usually I get an apology and a 'good evening sir' and the line goes dead.
Scammers usually won't have a clue what you're talking about. The line goes dead from my end.

  michaelw 10:36 15 Feb 2010


I had probs booting up into desktop this morning. Tried various troubleshoots, then had to do a repair xp install.

Just got a phone call from a female with a thick East European accent. I couldn't make out much of what she said but she said I was having error messages and she worked for a pc repair company. I told her this was a scam and to go away.

I'm just doing all the updates but it makes you wonder. I've got a lot of security but how did she know, or was it just coincidence?

  jack 14:35 15 Feb 2010

Here is a safe bet- not only for you but any one.
An individual sends a 'funny to all his contacts'
they/you in turn send it on to their/your contacts/
At each receiving computer the 'funny' also displays reams of addresses-
A rich harvest indeed.

If you want to pass something on
1. delete all the addresses
2. Us BCC so that the recipient sees only a message from you and not shared with many others.

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