Strange PC hanging problem

  joelmb 00:16 27 Apr 2004

I hope someone can help me here - I've not had any problems with my AMD Duron 1.2Ghz PC for for ages. Tonghit I started noticing it was making very faint *beep* > *click* noises, two in a row then silence, then two in a row. It did this about 4 times, then it froze completely forcing me to reset. On resetting, after a short time it does this again. I switched off for 10 mins and so far is ok....

I wonder if, as its warmer than it has been for quite a few months (room temp is about 25-30 degrees i'd guesstimate) whether its overheating? I noticed a while ago there was the sound of a fan sounding like it was dying. (After some time of not hearing this I guessed maybe it was just dust caught.)

However I went into the bios earlier to discover ive only got a rpm speed showing for one cpu fan although two are listed - should it show two speeds? (i.e should i have two fans?) it's a Soltek SL75 KAV/-X motherboard but the manual isny much help. The cpu temperature at the point of looking in the bios was 50 degrees and rising - I've no idea what the safe temp is.

So could this be the problem, that it's missing a fan and thus overheating in the current warm spell?

Please help if you can! I urgently need this PC to work on.


  woodchip 00:22 27 Apr 2004

Yep CPU overheat

  hugh-265156 00:48 27 Apr 2004

click here may help a bit and let you know what your computer is trying to tell you.

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