Strange pc error

  ACOLYTE 17:25 26 Apr 2008

Ok,this is what happens i can be working away nicely and then for no reason the pc locks up i cant do anything but reset,after this the bios doesn't detect the slave Hdd it totaly disapears,windows does boot but as i said with no slave drive showing.
If i turn the pc off and leave it a while then the drive is back and everything is ok,i did think the slave drive was faulty but i have ran scandisk with full option to find bad blocks and stuff and it comes back clean.
This doesn't happen all the time it can go day's even months without incident.

  skidzy 17:38 26 Apr 2008

Check your connections !
Check your cmos battery,cheap enough to replace click here
or Wilkinson's - Roughly £3 for two.

  woodchip 18:52 26 Apr 2008

Use Windows Disc Check on the Drives, as first measure

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 26 Apr 2008

I suspect your PSU is starting to fail.

Incorrect voltages will cause freezing, and of course if the drive is not getting enough power it won't be seen.

  ACOLYTE 19:23 26 Apr 2008

Atm im thinking overheat but can a hdd overheat?,and why is only the one affected they are on top of each other in the case so if one gets hot they both get hot.

I have ran scandisk and it came back clean,i dont think its a cmos batt thing as it does detect one drive and all bios settings are unchanged,as for the power supply failing wouldnt this effect all the pc not just one drive? it is a switching PSU supposed to supply more power when needed.

  woodchip 22:32 26 Apr 2008

“switching PSU supposed to supply more power when needed”.

you are getting confused information. it means the psu only works when its got a load connected to it.

a faulty psu can be the problem but I do not think so this time. TRy the Computer with the Drive disconnected. To isolate the problem

  Ditch999 22:35 26 Apr 2008

"I have ran scandisk" ? What OS is it and how old is the HDD and PC?

  DieSse 22:53 26 Apr 2008

A bad connection on the power cable to the drive may cause just such a problem.

There's usually a spare power connector, try changing it over - make sure it's pushed fully into the socket on the drive.

Similarly a bad connection on the data cable can cause a problem. Or the drive might just be faulty with an intermittent fault.

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