A Strange One

  PaWs_UK 21:43 12 Oct 2006

A friend of mine bought my old processor (an xp2600) to upgrade his rather cumbersome celeron 1.xx processor.

Because of the limitations of his old motherboard,to complete the upgrade he went and splashed out on an ASRock (or something sounding similar to that) motherboard and initially the transition went well.
That was until he tried connecting his NTL cable modem thru the onboard ethernet.To cut a long story short,no end of twiddling would allow an internetconnection-although connecting thru a USB cable seemed to work fine.
As a last resort he took his computer back to the shop,paid his £10 and let them look at it.The next day he received a phone call to say that they tried various PCI ethernets (as well as the onboard one)and none would configure to their connection.

The strange thing is,when the old celeron processor was placed into his new ASRock motherboard,as if by magic the ethernet connection worked.They deduced that the Athlon xp processor was the cause of his internet woes and to be totally honest with you i'm a bit confused as to why this could be the case.

Any good explaination as to why this should happen would be more than appreciated

Thanks and regards

  interzone55 21:53 12 Oct 2006

NTL cable modems are locked to the MAC address of the ethernet card they are plugged into.

This MAC address is totally unique (or it should be, I've seen a full batch of MSI notebooks that had the same MAC address) to each ethernet adaptor.

You will need to contact NTL, explain the situation and get them to switch their network to your friends new MAC address.

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  DieSse 21:53 12 Oct 2006

Athlon processors and Celeron processors will not both work in the same motherboard - so there is some confusion in this story.

  [email protected] 21:56 12 Oct 2006

How could they put the Celeron into his new ASRock motherboard? They use a different socket to Athlons

  [email protected] 21:57 12 Oct 2006

I just meant the same as him

  Totally-braindead 21:57 12 Oct 2006

I'm wondering the same thing guys.

  skidzy 22:07 12 Oct 2006

" How could they put the Celeron into his new ASRock motherboard? "

Ive just fitted an Asrock mobo socket 478 in one of my machines,though i cannot vouch for PaWs_UK friend's mobo...i have fitted a celeron 1.8Ghz into a Asrock 4i65G mobo and all works fine.

Did you mean to say " How could they put the Athlon into his new ASRock motherboard"

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Apologies [email protected] if ive misread the thread.

  woodchip 22:11 12 Oct 2006

As above a AMD cpu will not fit a Intel slot. If it does I do not know how he got it to boot at all

  gudgulf 22:16 12 Oct 2006

Yes but we are talking about fitting both a socket 478 Celeron and an Athlon Socket A processor in the same Asrock board......and that can't be done.

  DieSse 22:18 12 Oct 2006

*Did you mean to say " How could they put the Athlon into his new ASRock motherboard"*

No - becuse it was specifically stated the ASRock was purchased to take the Athlon.

  PaWs_UK 22:24 12 Oct 2006

My apologies

It was a Sempron and both that and the Athlon are socket 462 - or so i am lead to believe.

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