Strange noises through speakers........

  Storik 15:50 10 Mar 2005

I have an Asus A7N8X Delux motherboard and rather than buy a separate soundcard, am using the onboard sound.

I get several different kind of noises through the speakers (have tried two sets of speakers both have the same problem) One particular annoying noise is rather like listening to wind on a microphone, another, is a groaning noise when using the mouse, and another loud crackling - believed to be from a case fan.

Now before I invest in another sound device, would this cure the problem do you think? I'm sure most of the noises are caused by a faulty sound device on the motherboard.


  Storik 16:02 10 Mar 2005

The "mouse noises" are only when rolling the central scroll button. When depressing this and dragging the mouse to scroll, I get a noise rather like a ship's horn. - Is this a clue?

The mouse is a Trust wireless mouse - but works without a peep on the computer with SB live sound card.

No cheesy jokes! Please! It's usually a happy little mouse.


  GANDALF<¦:-)> 16:30 10 Mar 2005

do u hve soime type of microphoine connected or maybe need nu drivers

  john-232317 16:35 10 Mar 2005

Squeak squeak here also

click here

  john-232317 16:37 10 Mar 2005

Treat yourself to a new keyboard mate. ;-))

  FelixTCat 16:42 10 Mar 2005

Does it sing "Rule Britannia"? "Three Blind Mice"?

Check the "Mouse" and "Sounds and Audio Devices" entries in Control Panel. You can associate noises with almost any activity.

  Storik 17:11 10 Mar 2005

will try all suggested,

Just to experiment a little, tried this through front of case headphone socket - same problem.

Another clue for you brilliant detectives, have fitted the front case connections to motherboard - could this be affecting the sound?

GANDALF<¦:-)>: No microphone connected, but will see if I can download updated drivers - thanks.

dadyassa: Mouse trap snap!!I don't have a Via chipset, it's nforce, or soundblaster card (yet)but yes it could be "bus noise". Had a SB Live on it before and that worked ok. (That's now in other computer and working perfectly with a Via Chipset, funnily enough.)

FelixTCat: No not "Rule Brittania more like "River Dance" in metal clogs! - and no! I've overfed the poor little thing, and it's ball and relevent inside workings are nice and clean! lol

It's beginning to REALLY get on my nerves, especially as I'm just embarking on making DVD's.


  Buchan 35 22:33 10 Mar 2005

Make sure you switch everything off before you go to bed or you`ll have a helluva night

  woodchip 22:41 10 Mar 2005

Have you tried turning sounds off in control panel

  woodchip 22:42 10 Mar 2005

I mean windows sound's by the way.

  Graham ® 08:54 11 Mar 2005

This has to be sounds being induced into the onboard input stage, not the speakers. If there is no external connection, it must be internal, eg., CD-ROM lead.

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