strange noise from my PC

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I've got a problem here and wonder if anyone may be able to help me here. This morning i heard a noise coming out from my PC box. Sounds like emergency alarm siren from the box. I then restarted it hoping the noise would go away. And it worked (the noise stops). However, up until now, i'm still puzzled by it thinking how on earth would a pc desktop produce such a noise like that. This is my first time. What i've also done is check the event by going to event viewer. There are 3 items on the list.
Note: i only focused on date between 15/3 and 16/3 because any other days before today were fine.
1. Application - seem normal except got a warning on 16/3 i.e today from MySQL
2. security - None
3. System - seems fine(just information)

I don't know what's caused it. so i hope someone would be able to help me.

Thank you in advance

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According to the problem you have just described, probably you are having problems with your fan(s) in the CPU or hard-disk

There are 2 fans in ur CPU which is power supply fan and CPU fan. You might want to check them! But be careful..If you want to check CPU fan, turn off ur PC and wait for it to cool off. Then open the case and see. If its CPU fan's problem, u ll need to replace it since if u dont, ur CPU is at risk of burning.

If its power fan, dont ever attempt to fix it by urself. Just go and replace with a new one.

You might want to check the hard disk too. Since strange noise from hard-disk could be a signal that ur hard-disk might crash:( You can refer to this website for more clarification

click here
Hope this helps:)

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As mstran says check your CPU fan and heatsink, a two tone beeping from some machines warns of overheating.
you can take a look at the cpu temp using this (click motherboard/sensor) - click here
or possibly from a screen within the bios

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Hey a gentle reminder for u...dont ever attempt touching the inside part of CPU when it has not been turned off or still hot....its dangerous

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Thank you guys,

I'll keep that in mind. I'll definitely do the temperature check with the link remind pointed there.

Thank you guys once again

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I have an MSI motherboard, and installed the MSI PC alert utility which monitors voltages, temperatures, fan speeds etc. All was well until I fitted a silent CPU heatsink / fan. (Silence is achieved by having a larger but slower fan) As soon as I started it up I got a noise like an ambulance from the pc case. PC alert was detecting the slower fan speed and warning me about it. I couldn't adjust the settings in pc alert low enough to stop the warning sound, so I uninstalled the utility.
Silence once more established!

It could be a setting in the bios; some mobos come with this kind of functionality built in and it may need disabling.

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Thank you Keef66,

what you described there is exactly what's happening to my pc that is the noise like ambulance.

Yes, i have heard some people also giving me the same advice which is there must be a setting in the bios. However, having said that, i'm not sure if it's a good thing to disable the functionality in the bios. I mean certainly this noise is actually triggered if there is a problem with some hardware right? and if we turn it off then, we'd not be able to be notified or alerted by anything until eventually the whole PC go died.

So, i guess my question is which is better to disable or leave it there?

By the way, how do you fix this so that the noise doesn't come out again in the future. Is there anything i need to replace or watch out for. FOr example, if this noise caused by some overheating around the CPU, then shutting it down for a short while may help it. (something like this)

Thank you in advance

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Don't just disable it, you could end up frying your cpu. You need to find out what it's warning you about. If it's an MSI board you can download the pc alert utility from their website and have it running in the background when you're in windows. If you get the alarm it should tell you on screen what it is. You can also look at any time to see what fan speeds, cpu temp, voltages etc are.

Other mobo manufacturers probably have similar utilities, and I'm sure there are freeware versions you can use with any motherboard. (step forward other forum members!)

Failing that I also have a pc health status section in my bios which shows basic info on temps and fan speeds, but you have to restart to enter the bios so it's not quite so handy.

If your alarm turns out to be a warning of cpu overheating it's most likely due to a failing fan. Fairly simple to replace. Also possible you don't have enough thermal paste between the heatsink and the cpu itself; slightly trickier, but cheap to remedy.

Don't just disable the warning; that would be the equivalent of taking the battery out of your smoke alarm and watching your house burn down.

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I have an MSI board, the noise is an overheat warning
take side off case and check CPU fan is running and not obstructed by a stray cable as it was in my case.

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Thanks guys, for your support once again.
You all have been very helpful to me.

Yes, i've founded a freeware program that does just like you guys mentioned.

It's called sensorsview at click here.

I haven't tried it but i will try it at my home pc, not at work because it's exe file (just precautious a bit :) )

Thank you

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