Strange noise From Hard Drive - Virus??

  gplatt2000 15:53 20 May 2004

Hi all. I came back to my computer today after leaving it on for a few hours, and my HD has started making a very strange sound. Every 5 seconds or so it will make the sound it makes when it is 'thinkin' - the kind of screech/whirring sound for about 2 secnds and then stop.

It does this to a constant rhythm - I can actually count when it will start and when it will stop maiing this sound, although it does stop occasionally.

I restarted the PC but that did nothing.

I have looked at the processes running but am not exactly sure which i should/shouldn't have going, so I will upload a screenshot soon and put a link in my next post.

Any ideas as to what this could be/how to stop it would be great,

Thanks a lot


  Diodorus Siculus 15:57 20 May 2004

Sounds as if somthing is possibly running - have you done a spyware check? click here
AdAware click here
click here list of progrma running

  gplatt2000 15:58 20 May 2004

here is a link to the screecnshot - click here

And alos the sound now seems less irregular, although it is still doing it a lot more than usual, and much more loudly, somehow it just doesnt sound right.

thanks again everyone

  bremner 15:59 20 May 2004

I think you need to try the link again

  gplatt2000 16:08 20 May 2004

Thanks for your quick respones. I will try Adaware and Spybot soon, but am now thinking maybe it isn' actually an unwanted program running....

When I just restarted my PC again to go into safe mode, the noises continued when I turned the computer back onm whilst Windows (XP) was loading. The sounds are now,as I said, less regular, although (LIKE RIGHT NOW!) occasioinallky very loud and withhel <one sound now has just ben going for this whole paragraph and I am getting more and more nervous lol>

Sorry I can't be specific with my descriptions as they seem fairly erratic now. <note: sound has now just stopped>

Maybe it isnt actually a program running, and for some reason they have just got much louder? I really don't know but will soon try Adaware and Spybot.

AS for the link, it's working just now when Ive tried it but I'll have a look at it and see what might be wrong...


  gplatt2000 16:09 20 May 2004

I've just realised, I hadnt give the file an .extension. Please try this link instead - click here

  gplatt2000 16:10 20 May 2004

Hmm that now doesnt work for me...

Sorry about this.

  gplatt2000 16:12 20 May 2004

OK this link should (hopefully) work - click here

  gplatt2000 16:14 20 May 2004

Nope still no luck! I'm using tripod to host the image, and when in tripod's 'file manager' I can click on the file and it will open fine (I then copied & pasted the link into that post above). Any ideas why this could be? (Sorry about now turning this into a 2nd question!)

Thanks again

  Gemma 16:41 20 May 2004

Any new or changed noise from a hard drive should be treated seriously. BACK UP your data asap on to something else before you lose anymore time. If the drive goes on for ever you lose nothing, if it goes belly up in ten minutes, you're a hero.

  gplatt2000 16:44 20 May 2004

OK thanks fgor that, well I thought the same, Ive quickly copied all important stuff to CD. I'm ordering a new HD off ebuyer so once that comes (if my drive is still wokring) ILl make an image of my current one onto that.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

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