strange mouse activity

  jagx400 19:25 19 Sep 2004

Here's a strange one , if I go to the left of my screen with the on screen mouse cursor it stops at the edge regardless however much more you move the mouse to the left as you would expect , the same for up and down.
Now the odd bit if I move the pointer to the right of the screen it doesnt stop (it goes off screen), if i move the mouse 6 inches further i have to move the mouse 6 inches back towards the left until the cursor reappears, as if I have a wide screen on a square monitor.
I am using a nvidia fx5500 card with latest drivers

  ICF 19:36 19 Sep 2004

What kind of mouse is it optical or mechanical?

  jagx400 19:45 19 Sep 2004

Dont think it is anything to do with the mouse more a windows thing

  jagx400 19:48 19 Sep 2004

Its as though windows thinks the screen is longer than it is

  Night Ryder 19:57 19 Sep 2004

your graphics card is a dual header. In other words you can attach two monitors to your system and view the desktop across boath. I suspect you have this option enabled in properties. To disable this feature and stop the mouse disapearing to the right, you will have to right click on the desktop, click on properties and settings. Click on the down arrow at the right of the box labeled display and you will probably see you have two monitors activated. Select the second monitor. You are looking for a box labeled "Extend my windows desktop into this monitor". Remove the check mark in this box and click on OK. The system will require a reboot at this stag and this should solve your problem

  jagx400 20:01 19 Sep 2004

Top man, that was the problem cured now, thanx a lot

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