Strange morse code type sounds.

  joethebow 17:12 01 Feb 2005

I have a PC at work that is driving me nuts. It is constantly beeping what sounds like morse code through the speakers. It appears to follow mouse movements, desktop activity, CD operation & Internet activity.

It is running XP fully up to date with the usual AVG, Addaware etc.

The noise is present weather it is on the internet or not.

Any ideas?

(At least I'm not asking why AVG update isn't working)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 01 Feb 2005

control panel - sounds and audio devices -sounds tab - make sure you do not have a sound scheme set up.

  britto 17:30 01 Feb 2005

It could also be noise from the line in part of sound card check the mixer controls

  GRFT 07:51 02 Feb 2005

Speaking about the Morse Code, my speakers every now and then, maybe twice a day, emit in rapid succession three S's, in a low tone, sometimes 3 S's followed by an E. The PC doesn't have to be doing anything, just switched on. This is really weird. I wish I could get to the bottom of it. It's been going on for some months now and I can't link it with any changes to the PC. Anyway, I'm about to upgrade from 98SE to XP; maybe that'll fix it!

  mole44 08:09 02 Feb 2005

could be wires to your speakers are picking up spurios radio signals from a local transmitter

  [email protected] 09:10 02 Feb 2005

Make a recording and send it to me - I still hear it all the time [military/government morse reader for over 30yrs]. It's probably a roach trapped in the aircon and sending out distress messages ;-). Seriously, it's probably as GRFT and mole state: If the length of the wire is a ratio of the spurious frequency then its likely the answer. Maybe there is a w/t radio ham not too far away [they always sneak in a bit too much power occasionally]. In my office I have an electric guitar and amp and one day it scared the life out of me when it burst into one way conversation! Local fire station was on exercise and all the vehicles were squawking to each other. The guitar string[s] acted as the antenna and the amp did the rest. Try to ignore it unless you hear ... --- ...

  [email protected] 09:25 02 Feb 2005

Oooops - sorry FE.

  vibrant 09:34 02 Feb 2005

The bleeps I get are caused by an incoming mobil
phone call, it could be 3 S,s

  GRFT 13:00 02 Feb 2005

I can't think of any source that would send nothing but dit-dit-dit (3times) space dit. It never varies. This of course is SSSE. To an ex-MN radio man it makes no sense. It is far too regular and distinct to be spurious pick up. At one time the tone-arm leads of my stereo would pick up taxi driver radio conversations, but that's another story.

  [email protected] 14:55 02 Feb 2005

There are lots of different types of beacons which send out regular identities in c/w - airfield idents and coastal hazards to name just a couple but unlikely in this case if you are in UK. Question is, why are you hearing morse? As it appears connected to your mouse activity, is it possible to configure a mouse to emit sound when it moves [I don't know]. If so, could be the sort of thing a workmate sets up for you behind your back. Could it be something in the area where you work? An electrical machine carrying out repetitive tasks, coupled with "dirty" mains could be the culprit IE I often hear a thump through my speakers when the fridge compressor switches off or the central heating flashes up, but that's irregular. Good luck in tracking it down anyway as I am sure it's a real pain.

  joethebow 20:13 02 Feb 2005

The sound tracks things happening on the PC. If I move the mouse the volume increases and then decreases when I stop. There are loud whiring noises, from the speakers, when the CD is accessed. I use a D/U meter to monitor internet activity. The sound follows the spikes in the graph.

I have checked the sound scheme and line input, both are turned off. This all started around 2 weeks ago and happens all day. There are no new transmitters in our local area.

It is not morse code, it just sounds like morse. If It was Morse I would use a RTTY programme to decrypt it.

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