Strange message on PC

  nickyjane 23:15 23 Apr 2005

Hi Guys

I keep getting a strange message on my pc and a flashing yellow triangle on my start menu. The message is; system's alert, exploit detected. Any idea's , my O/S is XP home. Thanks

  Highland Guy 23:30 23 Apr 2005

Have you by any chance downloaded and installed microsofts new spy/malware detector/remover if so it could be that.

  nickyjane 23:33 23 Apr 2005

Come to think of it ,I did download a windows spyware remover afew days ago. Can I get rid of it, or work round the problem. Thanks

  Number 7 23:40 23 Apr 2005

I wouldn't delete the Microsoft Antispyware- it's WARNING you that your PC is being "attacked".

You should do quite the opposite, ask yourself why your Antispyware is warning you of a threat.

  Highland Guy 23:40 23 Apr 2005

There lies the problem i think as for getting rid or working round I was led to believe that this was automatically done by said program I haven't seen it in operation yet myself so don't really know how it ticks.

Have you tried clicking triangle left or right clicks to see what happens or if any options appear to remove nasty progs.


  nickyjane 23:48 23 Apr 2005

Have just right clicked the triangle and it has now gone, but keeps coming back some time later. I am running adaware/ spybot and spyware blaster, I thought these were suppose to stop this sort of thing.

  Highland Guy 00:01 24 Apr 2005

Sometimes you need to run several very good mal/spyware progs to get rid of all nasties I find "a squared" very good click here for a free full program trial.

As for flashing triangle this may dissapear when nasty bug removed, still can't figure out why it's not removing it for you unless it's a new variant that it will flag up but cannot remove.


  Number 7 00:03 24 Apr 2005

If it's a yellow shield-type icon in the lower right of your screen, then it's Windows Security Centre telling you something is "attacking" your PC- there again, nothing might be "attacking" it.

It's probably your firewall being a bit too pedantic.

You can stop the alerts in Windows Security Center.

  nickyjane 00:09 24 Apr 2005

where do i find Windows Security Center

  Number 7 00:31 24 Apr 2005

Go to Contol Panel and double-click Security Center.

Look on the left-hand side under Resources and click "Change the way security center alerts me" and choose from the options- if you untick an option, you'll be responsible for making sure you update.

Also, on the right-hand side you'll see options for your firewall etc.

You can click Recomendations and decide what you want to do.

  nickyjane 23:42 24 Apr 2005

Hi Guys
Still can not find Security Center. My control panel is in categery view. Thanks

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