Strange message on monitor!!

  cdlacon 13:08 14 Jul 2014

Hi all. I've recently got a Tower, Mitor and the relevant bits that go with a general set up, however i am encountering some problems. I had to buy one more AC lead and the lead that connects the tower to monitor. These appear to be working fine as the system has power and the monitor is obviously linked to the tower as the home screen pops up. However, a message keeps floating around the screen permanently saying " Attention, Input not supported". I can click on things in the system, pretty much everything, in device manager it says this device is working correctly - monitor etc. But i can't seem to make it go away. Now the system is XP which i know is dated and stopped recieving updates etc. so is this the problem?? I went to PC world and the lady said i may need to probably get windows 7 or above as vista is about to become dated or whatever the term is. Or, she said it could be the graphics card or something so this needs updated. Now i have a Sky engineer coming in a week to set up my broadband at home as i have recently moved so when i get online at home with this PC am i likely to be able to 'fix' the message issue through updates?? I am inclined to think it's not the lead (input lead) as the tower and monitor are communicating. Do i have to buy a software/hardware package ie. windows 7 8 or whatever? I would really appreciate any help/advice. I'm not the best with computers but i can do the basics. I'm really hoping it's something quite simple. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Chris

  Ian in Northampton 13:20 14 Jul 2014

What is the native resolution of the monitor? And is that what you are outputting to it? No, you don't need Windows 7 (bloody PC World...) and it's unlikely you need a new graphics card either. I just sense there is a mismatch between what you have set your graphics to output, and the resolution your monitor is comfortable with.

  cdlacon 13:40 14 Jul 2014

I haven't got the spec. here with me at the moment as I'm in a public internet facility, however I've just been reading something about changing screen resolution as you have suggested. I think it's pressing F8 during boot up or right click desktop->settings->screen resolution, i'll go home later and try and have a go! As far as I'm aware the cable is the one that is identical on both ends, looks like this, lol ..... ..... .....

If that makes any sense, I haven't got the spec with me but it's the one suggested to link most monitors with towers. I know I sound dumb. Thanks for your response, i'll try later to see if I can play with screen resolution etc during boot up and stuff, and let you know.

  cdlacon 13:44 14 Jul 2014

Those dots didn't come out as I intended, it's basically 5 pins in three rows, identical at both ends. I assumed they were all the same because the connections were the same, hence my dumbness, anyway i'll try later with the things you've said and get spec. Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 14 Jul 2014

right click desktop->settings->screen resolution

is the way to go you can move the slider and it will show the new resolution if wrong and the screen geos blank it will revert back in a few seconds unless you accept the new resolution.

  cdlacon 19:02 15 Jul 2014

ok, update. The image wouldn't load mate. I have right clicked desktop --> settings and tried to adjust the slider which I can to low etc and accepted but for some reason it wont work. Booted it safe mode and tried but I cant seem to do it. Obv I am not doing something right. The cable is Belkin F2NO28bo5m VGA not sure if that means anything. The monitor is HP w19e. From an emachines tower 3260. The message isn't coming on in safe mode so I am convinced it's this resolution issue. I'll try again when I get home. It's so frustrating as I'm sure it's pretty simple.

  cdlacon 19:06 15 Jul 2014

At what position am I trying to put slider? Low?

  Ian in Northampton 20:32 15 Jul 2014

This from the HP site:

The HP Pavilion w19e wide-screen flat panel monitor has the following features:

1440 x 900 factory-set resolution Video inputs supported: VGA analog signal DVI-D digital signal

So: what your monitor would ideally like is input of 1440 x 900. Somewhere on the slider that you're trying to move, there should be those numbers.

Right click on your desk top. Click properties, then click settings. The slider is under 'screen resolution', If you can, slide it all the way to the right, it should show 1440 x 900. Release the slider.

It won't work in safe mode, I don't think, because I don't think 1440 x 900 is supported in safe mode. I may be wrong.

I seem to recall, though, that in the past, XP had some trouble with 1440 x 900. My XP machine works fine with it, but there used to be a third party free utility that would go where XP wouldn't go.

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