Strange lines

  fazza8 20:12 18 Sep 2005

I have 3 greenish parallel vertical lines to the left of the cursor. A bit faint but there nevertheless. On other applications, such as Word, there are longer light blue vertical lines, again quite faint. Is my monitor or video card about to go on the blink?

  GaT7 20:27 18 Sep 2005

Did you just notice them? Are they always visible? What happens, if you shutdown & reboot? G

  fazza8 22:07 18 Sep 2005

It just started happening again. It has just got terminal. I'm on my laptop now.
I tried to access Google Earth and the computer froze. I had to reset it. Now it will not load up. The screen goes all broken up and then it hangs and I get no further. Sometimes it won't load at all. I have tried safemode but it gets to Iomega.sys (I have an external drive for back up) and goes no further.
I have had a screen which gave me a message but even that screen was a bit messy.
It was something about a problem with file jtdd and there was an error message " The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop".
Any ideas? It doesn't look good.


  Seadog 22:15 18 Sep 2005

Read an article in PCA a year or so back about someone with similar happenings on their display and they reckoned it was probably a memory problem................maybe if you change your ram (if you have some spare) or remove one stick (if you have two!) Worth a try, it's a lot easier than changing the graphics card or motherboard.

  Taff36 22:44 18 Sep 2005

Two things: Is this happening on different computers? you stated "I`m on my laptop now" Also unplug the external drive when you boot into safe mode. I know it`s obvious but I used to have a Maxtor 40Gb backup drive and that stopped safe mode dead in it`s tracks!

  fazza8 23:33 18 Sep 2005's only happening on the PC. I'll try it tomorrow. I'm off to bed now.

Thanks for your help.

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