a strange keyboard issue with Windows XP

  WindowsXP 01:53 13 Dec 2003

I am using Windows XP Home.

But there was something wrong with my keyboard input several days ago.Some keys were changed!

For example:
1)If I hit '\' in my keyboard, there will be a '#' on my screen.
2)If I type '@'(using shift and 2), there will be a '"' on my screen.
3)If I want to type a '@', I MUST use shift and '.
4)If I use shift and 3, there will be a character that similar to 'f'.

Other keys are OK expect these problems. When I am using Windows 2000 Profession in the same compuer, there is no any problem.

I encoutered this issue in any other computer several months ago, and I fixed the problem by reinstalling the system software.

How can I fix the problem without reinstall Windows?

Thank you in advanced!!

  hugh-265156 02:13 13 Dec 2003

in the uk shift + 2 = "

in the us shift + 2 = @

to change your settings to your locale click:

start/control panel/performance and maintenance/regional and language options/regional options

choose your region here and click apply and ok

you should see a "EN" in the taskbar,right click it and choose settings and set here too.

  Peverelli 11:47 13 Dec 2003

Have you not got a UK keyboard? If so, it is normal to get " when typing Shift + 2 and the @ symbol when typing Shift + '. Is the character that is "similar to 'f'" when hitting Shift + 3 the £ sign by any chance?

If it's not a UK keyboard and your language settings are English(UK) then you will not get the characters you expect to get when typing.

  VoG II 11:51 13 Dec 2003

Pressing ALT+SHIFT together toggles between UK and US on some systems.

  E R I C 06:38 15 Dec 2003

Thank you.
The problem was solved.

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