Strange issues/crashes on new PC when playing CS: GO and Civ. V

  lrscmpgnr 22:36 28 Feb 2015

Hello everyone. Recently I have built a new PC to replace my old laptop and installed Windows 8 on it. For most tasks, it works just fine. However, when playing certain games, things get real weird. Specs listed below.

When playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it will sometimes randomly black screen. This happens seemingly randomly, I could be at the very start of a match or right in the middle of one. When this happens, the monitor says "No Input" and the keyboard, mouse and headphones stop working (almost as if they had been unplugged, but replugging does nothing). However, the lights on the tower remain on and the fans keep spinning, so it is still on? At this point I can only manually restart by pressing the power button on the tower. However, sometimes I can get it to only crash to the desktop, in which case it is still a clean crash, no audio looping or anything, sometimes get the whole “csgo.exe has stopped working”.

When playing Civilization V, there are two different issues. One is that, as randomly as in CS: GO, the monitor will just suddenly display a pure red screen and then automatically restart. The other is that, randomly again, I will be disconnected from the game. The weird part about that is that on my end, the game claims that the other players disconnected, not me, and turn them into computer players. Of course, my friends see it completely the opposite.

I still have no idea what's causing any of this. I doubt that it's heat or lack of processing power, since my new PC is significantly more powerful than my laptop which did not have any of these issues. Also, some Googling reveals that people with similar setups could run the same games just fine, not to mention that if overheating is the issue then the system should just cleanly shut down. Checking Event Viewer doesn't give any insight.

I stress tested both CPU and GPU to see if they would crack, but everything stayed stable. I also tested RAM, but no errors found there either.

Issues persisted even when I clean installed Windows (Windows 7 this time) and deliberately installed nothing but drivers and games to see if something I installed was causing the issue. Even after consulting friends and the Internet (i.e. trying things like changing my graphics settings, video.txt edits, etc.), I'm still at square one.

PC Specs: [AMD A10-7850K APU (with Stock Cooler)] [ASRock FM2A88X Extreme6+ Motherboard] [8GB G.Skill Ares Series 2400MHz RAM] [1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Seagate Hybrid Drive]

Hopefully I’ve rambled on enough, this whole issue has really frustrated me. Free internet cookies to whoever actually reads through my wall of text. Hopefully you can provide me some insight!

  lrscmpgnr 03:41 04 Mar 2015


  Secret-Squirrel 18:22 04 Mar 2015

A BIOS update may fix this issue. Check out the manufacturer's website for know issues that have been addressed in later BIOS versions.

  lrscmpgnr 23:49 04 Mar 2015

Well, i'm already on the latest BIOS version.

  Bris 17:20 05 Mar 2015

The fact that you have tried both W7 & W8 and still have the same problem points to either hardware or a BIOS issue.

The screen issues suggest a problem with the graphics card as if the CPU stops processing then the PC will normally just freeze.

Another possibility is a BIOS setting.

Assuming that the games you are playing require a lot of mouse and/or keyboard activity or some other device connected via USB then its worth checking the USB settings in the BIOS and perhaps trying a different USB port and if possible a different keyboard/mouse.

Although you have stress tested the CPU & graphics you may still have a heat problem try downloading Open Hardware Monitor, launch it and right click on the CPU package temperature and then click on "show in tray" then do the same for GPU temperature. You should now see both temperatures in the task bar notification area where you can keep a check on them.

  lrscmpgnr 02:25 08 Mar 2015

I'm not sure what you mean by issues with the graphics card, but I did run OCCT on error checking mode for an hour and didn't find any issues.

As far as the BIOS goes, I checked the USB settings, but I doubt anything in there is relevant to the issue. I also re-flashed the BIOS. I plugged into different USB ports, but I don't think that's done anything.

I'm not sure about temps knowing that many system monitors don't play well with Kaveri, so they give very different temperatures. For what it's worth though, Open Hardware Monitor readings peak at around 60° while playing Civilization V.

Also I think I managed to stop getting that game to red screen (as mentioned in OP). Still having disconnect issues though.

  Bris 18:20 08 Mar 2015

Re-read your spec and missed the fact that you didnt mention a graphics card so I assume you are using on-board graphics in which case my comment re the graphics is irrelevant.

Have you tried reducing the settings in the games?

Its also worthwhile making sure you have the latest drivers installed for the motherboard & APU even though you have tried both W7 & W8.

The fact that HWMonitor is reporting 60 deg C seems that its reading the sensor correctly as that sounds about right for a busy AMD CPU.

  lrscmpgnr 19:00 08 Mar 2015

Yep, I am using the onboard graphics of the APU. I've tried lowering all the settings, but that didn't change anything. I suppose it's possible that my drivers are incorrectly installed and/or out of date, but I think I did everything right and the driver utility for my mobo doesn't indicate otherwise. (it checks for both missing and outdated drivers)

  canders8 01:13 20 Apr 2015

I have this same board with same processor. I have experienced this same issue going on a year. I have also experienced issues with the LAN driver as well.

This board has issues. Regardless of being up to date on drivers, bios, glitches bad.

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