Strange Issues on Zotac GTX760

  nathanaw 20:22 30 Mar 2017

So I picked up a Zotac GTX 760 2GB off of one of my Friends on a “you fix it, you keep it” agreement and usually I never pass up on free Graphics Card so I went and booted it up to see what the issue was and I was very confused. There were strange red coloring everywhere and then it crashed with video tdr failure nvlddmkm.sys.

So I booted into safemode DDU’d it and installed the latest drivers then booted it up and no display. So I boot back into safemode with no Issue DDU’d it and installed an earlier driver version and what do you know….. No display.

So I DDU’d it and booted up without installing drivers and I was able to boot into Windows on the Basic Display Adapter so I have windows open for a bit then when I clicked the windows home button it BSOD with Video TDR Failure ( nvlddmkm.sys ) again.

Rebooted and then 4 minutes later BSOD same error. So I then I booted into safemode ran Afterburner and it showed some interesting Information.

The baseclock was at 1500 and that’s very hard to believe as the Factory base clock is 993mhz. So I tried downclocking it but Afterburner doesn’t allow me too in Safemode and I can’t be in windows long enough for it do it there. So I ran Ubuntu and during the install the Ubuntu logo had a neon green outline then went to a White screen with a bunch of random Colors and did that about 2 more times.

So here’s my question: Is there a fix for this or is this 760 bricked.


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