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Strange issue with external HDD

  ivesy 18:54 28 Jul 2019

Hi, over the last couple of weeks when the PC boots up the window for my external H drive appears on the desktop opened. I close it down and everything seems ok - including the drive. What has started happening is even after closing the window it randomly opens again - it's as if the PC has just recognised the drive and is displaying the H drive window. The next thing to happen is when I select the short cut to the drive from my desktop I get the message the link isn't working the drive may have moved etc. Then suddenly the icon changes back to the WD logo and all is ok again.

What's happened now is the drive isn't recognised at all by the PC. I've deleted the short cut and can see when I plug the drive back in it opens as G drive with nothing in it! The drive size is about 1TB and more than half is full with photos (luckily I backed them up) but it's showing as 31.9GB capacity with 192kb as used.

I've tried disk check and disk defrag and that literally just takes a second to say it's ok or it's 0% defragmented. Thinking it could be the PC I've plugged the drive into another PC but I get the same issue.

I have limited knowledge of BIOS so I booted up to see if the drive showed there - it does but it says H drive and is unable to access it. I've noticed in system properties and system restore it says the 'elements (H) drive is missing'.

I've had the drive probably over 5 years it doesn't get that much use as I only use it to store photos.

I'm assuming it's knackered, does anyone have any ideas?


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