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  Creditman 18:37 11 Mar 2004

In My Pictures on Windows XP Home, when I open any folder I frequently see greyed-out images, always in pairs, both are always named "hpothb07". On right-clicking for Properties one is always a DAT file & the other a copy of varying existing images on file. The images are often not any I have recently uploaded, scanned or printed. All my images are either uploaded from an HP 735 digital camera or scanned in via an HP PSC 2115. On one occasion this ghostly pair popped-up in a My Documents folder. Whenever I see these I send them to the recycle bin & regularly delete them from there, but new ones keep reappearing. I have removed & reinstalled both the digital imaging & the printer software but that did'nt help. Any ideas or solutions please ? Many thanks.. (P.S I did post a similar subject before but did'nt explain it very well.)

  temp003 04:07 12 Mar 2004

If you click here it may throw some light on the nature of the files.

From the short description there, it seems the files are related to the HP bundled software's thumbnail views.

I know that in XP itself, its thumbnail views create files called thumbs.db which act as a sort of cache, for faster loading of the thumbnail views. These files appear in every pictures folder where the view is enabled. In XP you can edit the registry to change the thumbnail cache settings, or even disable it. [In XP, if you disable the cache, the thumbnail views will come on a bit more slowly.]

It may be that HP uses a similar idea (there is thb in the file name - probably standing for thumbnail - why they're all called 07 I have no idea).

Further down the page on the link above, these thumbnail files seem to be related to HP's Instant Share as well. That's why if you do a search for hpothb07 on the web, you see a lot of pictures with that name.

I think the files are legitimate, and get updated from time to time when you use HP's software. As you have found, they'll just come back after deletion. I don't know if there's an option in the software to disable creating the files, but they seem at least to serve a purpose.

I hope this removes at least part of the irritation.

  Creditman 12:24 12 Mar 2004

temp003 - many thanks for your help.

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