Strange happenings

  colberly 15:49 20 Oct 2003

When I log on to PC Advisor through AOL which is my ISP, everything is as it should be. When I minimise the AOL splashscreen and use IE to log on I get little red X's where the log on box is and the same at the top of the screen, with error on page at the bottom left where the little IE symbol is and a little yellow exclamation mark. Once I get into the forums everything is OK. It doesn't bother me since since no problem is caused, but I just wondered if anyone else had this.

  [email protected] 16:12 20 Oct 2003

You will find like me that AOL does have the right to monitor what you do & make changes particularly without your knowledge. But it has been said in this forum if you ever leave AOL you will literally have to format your HDD to get rid of AOL completely.
I have already done that a pain to say the least but AOL is a big ISP & they can afford to lose me easily

  colberly 18:36 20 Oct 2003

Thanks for your reply, but since I have been with AOL for many years with no problems whatsoever I think I will stay with them. Since this is the only site I have this problem with when logging on via IE, I do feel that it is a glitch just with this site.

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