Strange goings on in Windows 2000 Pro.....

  Sketch 23:19 08 Sep 2003


I'm having a few problems with Windows 2000 Pro.

For some reason, Windows Update doesn't seem to recognise my OS and displays a message saying that you have to have a Microsoft Windows OS to use the service....... which I do!

I am also finding that IE is causing a few discrepancies aswell. A lot of websites seem to think that I am using a version below 5. When infact I am using version 6 SP1!

Also, any Javascript linkage that I come across, just isn't working.

What is going on here?


  Sketch 14:01 09 Sep 2003


  MichelleC 16:45 09 Sep 2003

Yeah, and I thought w2k would solve all my os probs too!

1st thing is check for naughties: go to Housecall and do an online scan click here and it'll pick up anything other av's don't.

Then do an error scan on hd's (will schedule to do it on w2k on reboot).

  Sketch 21:45 09 Sep 2003

It isn't loading......

Anything else people?



  Sketch 23:35 09 Sep 2003


  MichelleC 09:04 10 Sep 2003

What, you can't boot up now? Can you get to safemode command?

  recap 09:35 10 Sep 2003

Have you got any Service Packs for W2K?

  Sketch 19:37 10 Sep 2003

I meant that online doohickey wasn't working.

I have SP4, however 'Windows Update' the page link, doesn't recognise my OS as being a Windows product. Yet 'Automatic Update' seems to work.

My IE doesn't seem to be recognised by other sites as being version 6, so websites that need versions higher than 5 don't load properly. Including the Windows sites like Office Update.

Perhaps this is why 'Windows Update' (the link) isn't working?.... How would I go about uninstalling and reinstalling IE6 without causing massive problems?

Any ideas?



  MichelleC 09:16 11 Sep 2003

You can't cause any harm by deleting ie via add/remove. It'll just go back before updates. Delete and reboot, and if that doesn't clear it there's a procedure to take it back to v5.5. (which is what I did).

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