Strange goings on with games

  The Transporter 13:00 12 Jun 2003

I am running XP2000+ with 1Gb pc2700 ram, a KT3 Ultra 2-R mobo with a Ti4200 G.card.

When playing Enter the matrix, when using the FOcus button, it would show me the main menu page for the game over the top of the slowed down action in the game.

A reinstall didnt work so after a reformat etc it is back to normal.

I installed motoGP and I am very happy with the game. BUT it stutters when racing around the track.

If i load up Enter the matrix first , go to any saved game. Then go back to the desktop and load MotoGP the game will now run fine.

Any ideas? As Enter the Matrix has seemed to cause a few problems.

  The Transporter 15:40 12 Jun 2003


  The Ghost of Inept Pig 16:42 12 Jun 2003

It may just be me being simple (often is) but I can't find many references to the game motoGP..

Anyway, standard suggestions - have you updated the drivers for your graphics card? Does the game require patching? Have you checked the official site to see if this is a known problem?

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