Strange file on desktop

  dexstar 12:48 09 Nov 2005

I know its bad/illegal whatever, but I pay my TV license!
I was searching for the next ep of lost (6)and downloaded a torrent to my desktop. However. it wasn't a torrent file at all.
It is of an unknown file type and consists of 0Bytes. It is still residing on my dt as I am unable to delete it, even from within explorer.
I have changed the extn's and everything but it will not go.
Error is: cannot read from file or disk.
Any idea how to get rid of?

  w1z8rd 13:10 09 Nov 2005

have tried starting up in safe mode and deleting it?

  Sethhaniel 13:13 09 Nov 2005

where the file is actually stored - so being used by windows as an active item
maybe start in safe-mode F8 on start of computer and try deleting it from desktop then
Or right click on desktop - select Properties then 'desktop' tab and then 'Customize Desktop' -
then 'Clean Desktop Now' button at bottom ;)

  MESH Support 13:45 09 Nov 2005

And on the subject of Lost, the sixth episode is broadcast in the states for the first time tonight i beleive.

click here


  dexstar 16:11 09 Nov 2005

Yes Dave you are right.
Why has there been such a delay?
Dave I have a K8v se dx MB from you guys in my PC.
My HD led is constantly lit.
Using SATA on southbridge, promise disabled any suggestions.

Thanks to all who have answered.
I will try, then post back. Ta!

  MESH Support 17:20 09 Nov 2005

American scheduling has always been strange to me. Most of my favourite sci-fi shows are now suspended until January.

The lit hdd led is usually the sign of the cable fitted the wrong way around on the motherboard. You would either get a light that remains off or remains on.

Mesh Support

  dexstar 18:58 09 Nov 2005

Problem is its a sata drive and the cables only go one way. If I take the IED cable out for the DVD/CD it works. So.... I can only have the IDE cable one way grey bit going to pri master and red bit bit going to secondary. (can't remember the colours exactly) so I'm stuck.
They only go in one way, which is the way they were when I bought the PC.
Do Mesh do a part exchange? I'm fed up with my 643000+

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