Strange File appeared on Desktop from nowhere!

  Sapins 19:36 28 Aug 2003

Notepad will not open it, too large, and when asked if I want to use Wordpad and I say yes I get the message "There was a failure launching Wordpad" I can open this file with MSHTA from the open with list.(what is MSHTA?)

I am then presented with 14 lines of symbols, letters and numbers,then I get the same symbols etc; interspersed with the names from my address book, there are no e-mail addresses given.

The first line is as follows:

?ËËuO'XÀOyV?rX??kD,,lDkD,,¼?D,,tä! (the D has a small horizontal line across the middle of the left side of the letter, probably not important but I cannot re-produce it from the Character Map.

Properties tells me it is a 220KB file which amounts to 14 pages when I try to print it out!

I would like to know where this file came from and can I safely delete it?

  Q-Bie 19:38 28 Aug 2003

Try running scandisk. It's possible its a corrupted file.

  Barrie_G 19:39 28 Aug 2003

delete it, and leave it in your recycle bin for a few days if you have any problems you can restore it from there or write it to floppy before you delete it.

  powerless 19:39 28 Aug 2003

interspersed - Thats a big word.

Have you updated Windows recently there is an update that causes a mysterious but known file to appear.

It is to do with the Address book!


  Sapins 19:52 28 Aug 2003

Q-Bie - If it is a corrupted file why did it appear on the Desktop out of the Blue so to speak?

Barrie_G - I have saved a copy of it in My Documents, do I still need to save it to a floppy?

Powerless - Just having a "Big word day" and relying on ieSpell to keep me in line. I haven't updated Windows but I have installed, under auto, shortened version just for you;-) some critical updates, could it be from there?

Thanks for the unbelievability,beat that Powerless ;-), of your swift replies, much appreciated.



  Barrie_G 19:57 28 Aug 2003

No you dont need to still save it to floppy, I just thought that it would have made more sense that if you were deleting it to save it off your pc rather than in a different location on it.

  powerless 20:25 28 Aug 2003

Yes the critical updates have caused it.

Note when you use the address book again it may reappear.

There is no fix. Just delete.

  bazbazbaz 20:33 28 Aug 2003

I've got this odd file that just appeared, the file name's "~" (is that called a tilda?) - is this the same thing you've all been talking about?

  powerless 20:36 28 Aug 2003

Yup ~

  Sapins 23:09 28 Aug 2003

Thanks again for all your replies. I will just delete it each time it appears.



  hssutton 23:24 28 Aug 2003

After a while it does get a little annoying. Ive just looked in the recycle bin and I have numerous of the little devils.

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