strange ethernet problem

  kekso25 16:51 12 Nov 2011

Dear colleagues,

I have a new Lenovo Ideapad laptop and Im having problems connecting to internet using ethernet cable. The thing is this problem occurs only at one particular place (dorms) because Im having no internet problems at other locations. It looks like this: I connect using ethernet cable, Windows 7 identifies the network and everything looks normal, but there is no internet when I open a browser (I tried IE, Firefox and Chrome). It just loads and loads and sometimes it loads my Google homepage, but only after approximately 30 seconds or it does not load it at all. The same applies for other pages - they do not load or they load after a minute, but the pages are incomplete, they look like HTML When I do a ping at CMD, it shows the same problem, the replies are slow or it shows "request timed out". I tried pinging various pages or IPs with same results. The only thing Im able to ping normally is the IP of my network adapter. My IPv4 is set to automatic, but I also tried manual parametres, just in case I tried 3 different cables, switching antivirus and frewall off, did spyware search, switching IPv6 off, switching WiFi off, reseting the main dorm router etc etc... Strange thing is that my laptop works perfectly anywhere else (home, work...) so I suppose there is no problem with the configuration of my laptop or network adapter, BUT the internet provider says there is no problem with their network or router since other laptops works normally at THAT location (even my other laptop does work there), so mine Lenovo is the only laptop which is having problems ... and when I check the properties of the network, upload is always higher than download, but generally both are very small one more strange thing: I can watch live stream videos using one particular software and I can download torrents quite normally, but loading Google and other pages is a major problem, even Outlook or Google Earth/Talk does not work properly

do you have any idea? thanks in advance and sorry for my English


  mgmcc 20:09 13 Nov 2011

That appears to be a very strange problem. I don't suppose you could lay your hands on a spare Cable/DSL Router? If so, you could try plugging that into the main router and then plug your Lenovo Laptop into the "sub-router" to see if it works properly. To do this, it would be necessary for the two routers to operate in different subnets, which would prevent you from "File & Printer Sharing" with computers connected to the main router, if that's significant.

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