Strange error report.

  Meshuga 16:11 11 Jul 2004

Periodically I get an error message which says "PFwall.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. Please tell Microsoft about this".Then there is a box saying " Send error report and another saying dont send". You click on the one you want. I click on Dont Send. Can anyone tell me what this is all about and how can I stop it please? My OS is xp home, Broadband. Meshuga.

  VoG II 16:19 11 Jul 2004

Are you running the Preventon firewall? If so, that is what is generating the error.

  Meshuga 16:28 11 Jul 2004

Hi VoG. Yes I do run preventon . What can I do about it please. It happenned when I turned a light off in the room. Could this be caused by a mometary frequency change in the mains. I noticed that the preventon icon in the task bar had gone although it always comes back. Otherwise the PC works as normal. Any suggestions please. Meshuga.

  Djohn 16:30 11 Jul 2004

If you click on the send report button it will send a report of the error to Microsoft, you don't get a personal reply it goes into their database of problems. Are you by any chance using 2 firewalls? M/S one and zonealarm for instance because using 2 at the same time will cause an error.

Hi VoG™ ;o)

  VoG II 16:33 11 Jul 2004

Hi Djohn :o)

I would try the old favourite: uninstall then reinstall Preventon.

  Meshuga 16:44 11 Jul 2004

Hi Djohn, Only running preventon FW, no other.Will uninstall and reinstall as per VoG. Many thanks to you both. Meshuga.

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