Strange entry in router log.

  castiel333 23:17 20 Jul 2011

I logged into my router yesterday and found the following entry :- [ALLOW: server.iaNÞ L•itPopupShown=true; _utma=179196837.924017300.1310946194.1310946194.131 Sunday, 17 Jul 2011

I have tried google because I really want to know what this is but came up with no result.

The reason I am asking is because shortly before I found this entry I got a message saying something about my pc connecting with another network and asking whether I wanted to keep it in the internet zone or trusted zone.

I know it sounds really stupid but I worry so much about security especially as I have just started using paypal for the first time.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could please tell me what this entry means.

  rdave13 00:13 21 Jul 2011

Trying to google parts of this entry got Avast blocking a harmful website. Infection was HTML;Iframe-inf. Anyone with the password to your router that could have put the entry in? If so then you could ask what it's for?

Google search brings up nothing but changes the fonts to "[ALLOW: server.iaNÞ L• itPopupShown=true; _utma=179196837.924017300.1310946194 ". I'd be a bit wary of it as it is enabled in your router.

  castiel333 10:14 21 Jul 2011

Thank you very much for your help.

As I am the only one in my family that knows the password or how to login to the router etc I am worried that this means a neighbour or someone has "got in".

Please can you tell me if that is possible and, if it is, how I can remove their access.

I am wondering whether changing the wep key and password would help.

Thanks again.

  rdave13 10:57 21 Jul 2011

It sounds as your wireless network has been hacked. WEP is not good enough as security as it's easily hacked. I'd be inclined to reset the router to factory settings and start again. This time use WPA2 as the wireless protected access. This means that you will also have to reconnect your other computers. As you'll be creating a new wireless network I would also change the network's name (SSID). That will make it easier to connect the others. Some information about WPA2

For more help doing this I'd start a thread in the Networking forum and state your problem and the name of your router and operating system. Good luck.

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