strange entries on the phone bill

  jack 12:03 09 Jan 2008

Those of us that receive an itemised phone bill will have had from time to time phone charges to numbers not known or anomalies that cause puzzlement.
As these are usually one off and for fractions of a penny I seldom lose sleep over it.
But on my latest bill there is a strangeness has got me wondering.
It came yesterday.
On it 23 consecutive calls to the same number each for 20 seconds or less over a period of 51 minutes.
The number an 0845 which when I checked is the dialup number of my ISP.
I have been on broadband 2 years and the machine during the period has been formatted and reloaded at least 3 times. So the number as a dialup should not have been there- but seemingly it was.

The Next one is described as INTERNET on an 0845 number Now what could that be?
Easy way to find out is to dial it I guess but....

  rawprawn 12:06 09 Jan 2008

Is your dial up modem completely disabled? for example is it connected for your Fax facility?

  Fingees 12:14 09 Jan 2008

Make sure any dial up modem is set to never dial a connection. or better still remove the connection from the phone line.

If you do use it for faxing, just plugt it back

  martjc 12:38 09 Jan 2008


If something is dialling out from your modem and you know not why, it's probably something nefarious dialling, then losing the connection, then re-dialling. This behaviour seems to fit what you describe.

I'd do a THOROUGH spyware check with more than one scanner. I think you'll find something you don't like.

  keef66 14:19 09 Jan 2008

as soon a we went on to cable broadband I took the modem out of the pc. No more illicit dialling now!

  [email protected] 14:24 09 Jan 2008

jack,try a scan with a-squared Anti-Dialer 3.0
click here
half way down page

  jack 08:51 10 Jan 2008

Thanx for the replies
To clarify- On BB for two years.
There is no Dial up modem fitted interneal or external[in the old days it was an external 56k dialup.
Now that is fitted to friend's machine who just getting into the Internet lark with my help and is on dial up before committing to BB.

No faxing is fitted external.

So you see the puzzlement
No dial up modem hardware
No Fax Hardware
Old Dial up number does not exist on the machine????
but it did it- or so the phone bill sez

And what about the 'Internet' number?
I guess I'll have to dial that on the PHONE to find out what it is.

  keef66 09:57 10 Jan 2008

All starting to sound a bit X-Files to me....

  Spark6 10:04 10 Jan 2008

20+ unexplained phone calls to your ISP! Why not ask them for an explanation? By the way, which ISP are you with?

  jack 14:01 10 Jan 2008

spark6 wrote :-

20+ unexplained phone calls to your ISP! Why not ask them for an explanation? By the way, which ISP are you with?
As if they would know.
As for which ISP-
As I have said so many times on threads slagging off the big popular manes for poor service.
I have been with this one for 10 tear trouble free dial up & BB- That is because it is a minnow among the big fish
As if I would let on to you lot- you will want to join- then where I be............
I'll tell you - in the S*** with the rest of you.

  Spark6 21:00 10 Jan 2008

You're the one with the dodgy unexplained calls to your bargain basement supplier. Me, I'd rather be in the Soup with the rest of us.

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