strange email addresses

  osben 11:51 03 Mar 2009


I am using Windows XP pro with Office XP 2003 pro

I am using a spreadsheet set up by a company I work for and in aone column is email addresses. If I click on an address it turns blue and I am directed to my email window in Outlook ready for me to send an email. The address I clicked on in excel is automatically put into the send to window in outlook. However, on some of the addresses in the excel spreadsheet the name that appears in outlook is completely different to the email address that is in the spreadsheet.

I don't know where the email address has come from because it is not one I recognise at all and I definitely have not put it on my system.

The I.T. person that designed the spreadsheet says that this is an excel issue and he has not programmed the system to setup emails so it is an automated function of excel.

Is this so?
and also where would the email address that appears in the outlook window have come from? as I siad they have not been put into my system by me and I am the only person that uses the system.

Any help would be appreciated


  lotvic 20:44 03 Mar 2009

To gather more info, see if this will work:
click on one of the problem addresses to open email window in Outlook ready to send an email, now rightclick on the 'strange email address' and choose 'properties' - see if this sheds any light on where it has come from.

  grey george 20:57 03 Mar 2009

If you look in the address book are they listed? It maybe that the address in the cell is the email name and the one showing in outlook is the contact name.
As for an automatic feature of excel. No. It may automatically turn a typed address in to a click-able link, but it won't generate address's of it's own.
I wounder if someone imported contact details from an address book and loaded there email address by mistake.

  VoG II 20:59 03 Mar 2009

The text displayed in a hyperlinked cell isn't necessarily the same as the e-mail address. Try hovering the cursor over one of the weird ones and examining what is displayed in the pop-up balloon.

  osben 10:41 08 Mar 2009


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys but have been away since posting.

All sorted thank you. The company's I.T. bloke got onto it. It was his problem.

Thanks again for your help


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