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  pcdimwit 09:50 21 Jun 2010

Hi, I am getting each day several emails on my hotmail account that say "Delivery Status Notification delay" as the subject, there are usually 2 attachments (that I have NEVER opened!!!) they seem fairly innoccuous but I have been told by friend that they are getting these same e-mails as though they are being sent by me, in my (daily) batch of "delivery status......," emails it jsut says in the message part, "Warning message, there is no need to resend your message.....," and then at the bottom there are cc: email addresses that are from MY OWN e-mail address book, and at the very end of the message there is usually a URL, one of them was click here - I am using only MSE microsoft essentials virus scanner, and have also done an Antiwmalwarebytes scan and a Super Anti-spyware prgramme but they have both come up with nothing (only ad-tracking cookies on the Anti-spyware programme, the question is, How do I stop these e-mails coming into my Hotmail account and what are they?? They are obviously sending out other e-mails to people in my Hotmail address book, but if the Microsoft essentials security hasnt found anything what can I do?? can I contact Hotmail and get them to sort it out?? What do I do????!!! DESPERATE!!! the PCDIMWIT

  ella33 10:52 21 Jun 2010

I think I would want to open the attachments..in my case my internet security would step in pretty quick to throw out anything suspicious. If I get those emails from postmaster it is usually something I have sent, even with the correct address the cc is to send it back to you. But if you haven't sent them at all, I think there should be a way of reporting this to hotmail?
Also, download a different internet security, there are several mentioned on pc advisor.

Many people say if you change passwords and include a mixture of numbers and letters, it does prevent spammers who use strange methods of getting to you. have you tried a different browser eg orange, firefox just to foil the spammers.
Not much help but something there could help.

  Woolwell 12:27 21 Jun 2010

Hotmail account may have been hacked or account details spoofed and used as spam. Change your hotmail password as soon as possible. Do not open any attachments on these meesage that may contain nasties.

  Salut 12:29 21 Jun 2010

I too have received such 'Deliver status notifications'. I operate one simple rule, never ever open an attachment unless I am certain as to its origin. Safer to delete the email straight away. I certainly would not encourage anyone to open the attachment just to have a look to see what is there!

You will know to whom you have sent recent emails and whether the address is valid or not. Search through the properties for the 'Delivery status notification' to see if you recognise the recipient's email address, if not it is likely to be spam or worse.

Always err on the side of caution in these matters.

  ella33 12:46 21 Jun 2010

If it were your own mails being returned, you would know what is in the attachments, so then I wouldn't even think about opening them as I keep copies ..they are in sent mail anyway. It is strange that hackers would use that method of getting "in" but it seems they do.

  jack 13:10 21 Jun 2010

and other in a similar vein are all scams
They use FEDEX DHL UPS and other carriers
advising you they have a deliver for you and to contact them.

If you know nothing is on its way - then there is nothing for them to deliver.
If there is a purchase enroutes- track it through the seller.

  pcdimwit 19:50 21 Jun 2010

Thanks Salut, how can I open the "properties" of the e-mails I get in like this?? I have NEVER opened the attachments as I KNOW instinctively that these e-mails are not returned ones of mine, but I only stumbled across the seriousness of these as friend have told me that they are receiving e-mails with "odd" attachments and contents purporting to be sent by me to them, so that is why I now must do something about this. If I simply change the password on the Hotmail account in question will this stop any more of these spoof e-mails coming in?? thanks PCDIMIWIT

  Woolwell 19:54 21 Jun 2010

Changing your password may not stop them but is a step to take. The best way is to change your e-mail address. Close this one (stop using it) and have another and you may well find the googlemail would be better.

You know these e-mails are duff so don't open anything not even to read them is the safest policy.

  pcdimwit 20:54 21 Jun 2010

how do I open the "properties" on an incoming e-mail, as member "salut" has suggested?? to find out the e-mail address of the sender of the e-mail?? where do I "click" - on the message itself?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  Technotiger 21:01 21 Jun 2010

To get to Properties, right-click on the Closed email, then choose Properties, then click on Detail tab.

  pcdimwit 21:59 21 Jun 2010

Thanks for that technotiger, I havent had another of these odd e-mails today, so hopefully they have stopped (???) though not convinced!!! will test that on a proper e-mail, I am hoping that the Microsoft security essentials full scan and the anti-malwarebytes full scan, and the suepr anti-spyware full scan has cleared anything (even though all three of these scans didnt find anything untoward!! PCDIMWIT

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