Strange e-mails etc advice / help

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Ive come back here as this helproom as helped me before..

Having trouble with e-mails

I use thunderbird 3 with Eset SS 4.2

I keep getting e-mails not to me i have a BT address [email protected] etc

yet i get to hotmail address / and other odd address

even porn ones hey mate look at this site / pic and even porn stories

big tits are F.... etc

in subjet line..

I spend all the time blocking address with Eset SS4.2

Ive done spyware scans with spybot and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware paid version

done scans all 3 of my software nothing found

cleared cooks , histroy of filefox etc

any one got any ideas i dont really want to change e-mail address as alot know my address.

thank you

  wiz-king 11:29 13 Mar 2010

You have said the problem 'as alot know my address' the more people that have your address the greater the likelihood of getting spam. Don't waste time blocking addresses unless you have one or two that reoccur - just let the spam filter deal with them. On my well known e-mail address I get a hundred or so in the spam filter every day.

  rawprawn 11:53 13 Mar 2010

Change your email address, and send your new one only to all the people you want to keep in touch with. Get another email address (expendable) to give when asked to fill in your email address online.
I have 5, one for banking, one for friends, one for online use, and 2 spare to change to if the online address gets compromised and I have to abandon it.
I never get spam, but I used to until I devised this method.

I like that idea Rawprawn... I do that ..

and Thank you to Wiz-King am finding it a waste of time blocking address you right there..

Thanks both of you

  T0SH 13:05 13 Mar 2010

Use the web based e-mail available from the BT Yahoo web page, for a while and make use of the interface to "mark things as spam" this helps the system learn after a short while you will start to see large reductions in spam in your inbox

Cheers HC

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