Strange e-mails

  Riccall One 20:24 13 Dec 2005

I have an email account with Tiscali and this included a spam filter which work well with this exception. Over the last few months I have been receiving emails addressed to people that I have never heard of at my email address, the text contains very strange stories and some have a website address and some have as attachment which I do not open. Some times I receive 6 or 7 per day all from different addresses. Could anyone tell me how to stop these. Please

  john-232317 20:29 13 Dec 2005

Have you emailed tiscali about them ?

  mgmcc 20:42 13 Dec 2005

<<< Over the last few months I have been receiving emails addressed to people that I have never heard of at my email address, >>>

Although your email address may not appear in the "To:" field, it will almost certainly be in the "BCC:" field along with probably several hundred (or thousand) others!

<<< the text contains very strange stories >>>

...which are in there to defeat spam filters and apparently succeeding ;)

<<< Could anyone tell me how to stop these >>>

Difficult unless you can identify something that they all have in common so that you can built that common feature into a filter. For example, someone I know has been receiving over 50 virus infected emails per day, but they all originated from two particular IP addresses. We set up a filter in "Mailwasher" to delete automatically any messages containing that IP address in the message header.

  dukeboxhero 20:44 13 Dec 2005

a lot of people are having this prob just now me included im with bt most of these e mails ask for you to confirm passwards or your e.mails been returned all have attachments dont open them, just delete them tho id like to know also if theres anything else i can do to stop them

  Riccall One 21:08 13 Dec 2005

In answer to dadyassa, I have not contacted Tiscali, by the time you have answered all their questions you have forgotten what you rang about in the first place.
To mgmcc these emails are addressed to "Name" followed by my correct email address, I know some have come vis BCC. I have been deleting them as soon as I get them but I could do without them in the first place.

  VoG II 21:11 13 Dec 2005

Try Mailwasher click here

It won't stop them being sent but you can delete them off the server before they get to your PC, and blacklist the senders so they are deleted automatically.

  Riccall One 21:45 13 Dec 2005

Thanks VoG I will try that and see how I go on.

  Border View 23:21 13 Dec 2005

You may wish to try the following:

This method got rid of about 95% of the spam I was receiving.

In Outlook Express
Message Rules
Mail Rules
New Rule
Tick the box “Where the To line contains people”
Click on the blue “contains people”
Enter your own specific e-mail address
Click on Options
Put a spot in “Message does not contain the people below”
Select the Actions for your rule – scroll down to and tick “Delete it from server”

A variation of the above could also be used. I found the message rules great for preventing spam. Dont bother with Tiscalli Secure Mail, I was paying £4.99 a year and it didnt stop the spam.

  GaT7 23:51 13 Dec 2005

Barmoor, but won't your method delete ALL messages that aren't in the 'approved' email list? That may not suit Riccall One (I know it wouldn't me, as I receive non-spam email from new people quite often).

VoG, about automatically deleting them in MW - I've found in the majority of the spam emails I receive the email headers/senders addresses are forged/spoofed, so this method doesn't work. I need to manually delete them in MW. G

  p;3 23:57 13 Dec 2005

mailwasher will allow you to see what they are safetly by previewing them IN mailwasher; then delete from server before they ever reach your pc;yes you will need to do it manually, but at least you can check them and chuch them;good little program :))saves getting the nasties onto your pc

  Methedrine 04:26 14 Dec 2005

I have to agree with everyone else on the Mailwasher subject. Get it, it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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