Strange CD rom problem

  Eargasm 10:33 30 Apr 2005

Hi all
I have been given a really old pc (win 98 se 4.3gb hdd 48 mb ram).

It boots first time and everything seems to be working fine, however when i insert a cd into the drive nothing works, the mouse pointer still moves around the screen but when clicking any icon nothing happens.

As soon as i open the cd draw everything works fine.

I have removed the cd in device manager and re-booted but the same occurs.
Any help much appreciated.

  Eric10 11:07 30 Apr 2005

It's probably a faulty CD drive and it is locking the PC up while it unsuccessfully tries to read the disc. A new CD-ROM drive costs less than £10 while CD-RWs can be had for around £15.

  Cuddles 12:14 30 Apr 2005

Take the back or side off computer disconnect the ribbon cable and power lead from back of cd drive, if all works then it is definately the drive that is faulty.

  Eargasm 19:05 30 Apr 2005

Thanks all

I have replaced the cd drive with a new one and am now sorted.

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