Strange blank popup

  geoff47 01:42 04 Jul 2003

I have had a most peculiar popup,it has happened twice tonight.
A small window opens,about 3" by 1" but it remains white and totally blank.Cannot close it by any means i.e. the crossed corner symbol or right clicking and choosing close.
First time it happened just closed the browser(Crazy Browser) and restarted.
Does anyone know what this is?
Thanks all Geoff47

  keith-236785 06:47 04 Jul 2003

get yourself a ad blocker (adaware is one but there are loads of free ones).

next time you get the box, right click on the window and choose properties and see if you can see where it comes from, might give you some ideas how to get rid.
as a messy but workable solution, press CTRL+ALT+DEL.

then look to see what is open, you should be able to end task which will close it down.

good luck

  User-312386 08:13 04 Jul 2003

clear all temp files and delete all cookies

that should solve the problem

  geoff47 18:39 04 Jul 2003

Have done as said...and today it hasnt re occured as yet.
I use adaware and it didnt show anything...
I shall just try to see where it comes from if it happens again.Thanks for the replies.

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