Strange behaviour with WinAmp and PDF files

  Tabvla 10:28 06 Jun 2006

Assume the following are active:

OS : XP Pro SP2
Browser : Firefox or IE
Media Player : WinAmp running Internet Radio
Task Manager > Performance visible

Visit a website that has a link that opens a PDF in a new browser window (IE) or a new tab (Firefox). Click on the link. The PDF opens. Now try to either click on "Back" or close the window (IE) or close the tab (Firefox).

The system goes into a temporary lock-up. If you monitor the Performance through Task Manager then you will see that the CPU usage is 100%. After about 30 seconds the CPU will be released and the action that you chose above will implement.

Is this behaviour peculiar to my specific setup or have other users experienced similar behaviour?

  brundle 10:31 06 Jun 2006

Nothing to do with Winamp. Remove and re-install Acrobat reader, or remove Acrobat altogether and use Foxit instead. Find both latest versions here click here

  Tabvla 10:39 06 Jun 2006

Hi brundle, thanks for the suggestion.

Acrobat may be the offender but it does have something to do with Acrobat and WinAmp because if I shutdown WinAmp the strange behaviour goes away and things return to normal.

It is only when WinAmp is running that Acrobat behaves in this way. So there must be some compatibility issue here.

  brundle 10:54 06 Jun 2006

Oh I see. Perhaps you could try taking out any unused plugins for Winamp, make sure your .pdf file association is looking for Acrobat in the right place, disable Acrobat-Speedup which loads on startup or some of the Acrobat plugins. click here

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