Strange Behaivour on Web Site

  wightman 11:32 01 Jul 2009

Hi Guy's
Hoping some one can help me with a bizarre problem.
I designed a web site 18 months ago which has been running successfully since Goggle indexed it.
The site has achieved 12,000 hits with no complaints.

However when I transferred ownership of the site to a person who was running the organisation the site represented there seemed no problems. He was given 'Full Site Access' to allow him to add or delete as he wished.
This is where the problem occurs!...when he goes on-line to log onto the site, the Welcome(Home) page opens then when he clicks on a link to another defaults back to the Welcome page?
Given that the link to the 'Login' is contained in a 'Contact Us' page which is second in the links; therefore he is unable to get into it.

I apologise for a long ramble but the facts are important. Any idea's from out amongst you guy's?
FYI I have cleared the Temp files, cleared the DNS cache, and run every type of Anti-virus; Malware programs by the bucket load.


  wightman 11:37 01 Jul 2009

Hi Guy's

I forgot to add that I can access the site and all the links respond as should from my machine.
Several friends have carried out the same 'look' and the result is that the site and all its links work. My only avenue open is whether his Router is the cause? Any thought?

  wightman 17:22 01 Jul 2009

Hi Guy's
Forum Member 'asks whether the 'Temp' File has been cleared?'
By invite I accessed the new owners PC and using the RUN program contained in the Win Start.
By typing in Temp and Enter...folder opened to give access to Temp Files. All highlighted and deleted.
Again using RUN type in...%Temp% and delete all files in folder.
Next using RUN type in...Prefetch and delete all files in folder.
Then using CMD as Administrator, I typed in
ipconfig /flushDNS Enter.
Following which I Rebooted.

Opening the Firefox Browser I typed in the following...

click here

The site opened at the 'Welcome Page' but would not action the links to other pages on the same site !! I am assuming these links are on the Page Headers?

Let me stress that when going back to use MY OWN PC I was able to gain full access, login and receive 'Editing Rights'

FYI I used a WYSIWYG web Design system, the clue is in the sub-domain.

This is beyond my reach, any one give me a hand?
Grovelling please.

  wightman 19:23 01 Jul 2009

'fourm member'
Thanks for your response;
Regarding Javascript being turned back on; the question then arises what happens if this 'fix' fails to solve the problem?

You mention fixing the site so it renders correctly without Javascript; This is where my knowledge reaches the end of its limit !! Would it be possible for you to assist me in this area and give me a direction where to achieve this fix? Bit of a cheek I appreciate, Hoping for assistance.

regards :)

  wightman 22:40 01 Jul 2009

Hi fourm member

Thank you for your assistance, its great when people such as yourself help others out with their problems.


Post Resolved.

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