Strange Abit NF7-s Troubles. Please help!

  phonemonkey 11:55 08 Apr 2004

Hello guys.

Still having problems getting my system to boot. The problem used to be PAGE_FAULT_IN_UNPAGED when high stressing windows (games, File transfer etc). I removed the RAM and seated it in the proper slot (3)

Computer now (sometimes) posts, but then a number of things happen:

POST doesent get past FREQUENCY FOR DDR400 message.

POST gets as far as detecting IDE then hangs.

POST completes and then the machine tries to boot and hangs at the Silicon RAID f4 prompt.

Boot fails with blank screen and no explanation. (after ESCD / IDS rebuild)

Entering the BIOS is no problem, although it occaisionally hangs too.

This system was up and running XP, but not anymore!


Athlon XP 3200+ 2.2Ghz
Abit NF7-s Rev 2.0, BIOS ver23.
2 x 512 Mb PC3200 Elixir Memory**
Geforce4 Ti 4800
Maxtor 160Gb SATA drive.
Windows XP pro SP2.
Ichia 400W PSU

** The memory would appear to be dubious. Of the two sticks, one refuses to post at all. Hence only one is in use, in slot 3 (banks 4,5)

Any ideas folks? I've built a few PC's but NEVER had trouble like this.

Much appreciated!


  AndySD 12:08 08 Apr 2004

In the BIOS go to memory timing and note the
RAS,RCD and RP timings down.

now try setting them to

CL = 2; RCD = 2; RP =2; tRAS = 11


CL = 2; RCD = 3; RP =2; tRAS = 11


CL = 2.5; RCD = 3; RP =2; tRAS = 11

  tarkus 12:54 08 Apr 2004

i note in your system specs you list win xp inc sp2, sp2 is a beta only at the moment. have you tried to remove it and then boot up to see what happens

  phonemonkey 16:22 08 Apr 2004

Many thanks for the response folks. Much appreciated! The sp2 issue may be to blame, but it doesn't explain the odd POSTS.

I suspected RAM or possible PSU. The machine ran with XP sp2 on it before.



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