Strange !!!!

  Bugzee 16:01 20 Oct 2004

Lately when i open some web pages ,parts of the page have the page cannot be displayed message
this also happens with hot mail.
i can send/recieve mail and have no problem browsing,but it is annoying because i cant see why this is happening ,help please
o/s xp pro , IE6 ,spybot,adaware,spywareblaster,avg,a2,bazooka,hijack this

Regards Bugzee

  Liam101 16:37 20 Oct 2004

1. Check your firewall settings as this can cause some parts of sites not to open.

2. Also in firewalls (e.g. Norton) there are options for turning off/on ad blocking as this can sometimes cause certain windows that it sees as adware not to open, even if it is not adware.

3. Also try turning off your pop up stoppers in your browser if installed as it can cause similar effects.

4. Lastly check your security settings for active X and java, and see if they are set to 'disable', and if they are and none of the above has worked, change them to 'prompt' first of all to see if that makes a change. You will find them in the 'security' settings in Internet Properties under Custom Level. Ensure that you only authorise the safe active X controls and plug ins, not the unsafe ones.


  Bugzee 16:48 20 Oct 2004

this is a site ijust visited,at the top of the page next the page cannot be displayed message is there,but the rest of the page is fine
click here

  Friday's Child 16:57 20 Oct 2004

The part you are 'missing' is a flashing 'advert' in alternating parts about the buildup of fat etc in the arteries caused by smoking.

I think that your pop-up stopper is probably blocking it.

  Bugzee 17:06 20 Oct 2004

Thanks fridays child,have already turned it off and still have the same problem !!

  Valvegrid 17:21 20 Oct 2004

Can you see the window just to right of the PCA logo at the top of this page? Because its 468 x 60 pixels animated in 15 frames and is downloaded from http : //

The NTL one is 468 x 60 pixels animated in 8 frames and is downloaded from http : //

If you can see one and not the other, that's very strange indeed as they are coming from the same site.

  Valvegrid 17:28 20 Oct 2004

Sorry, the one at the top is a flash one, but the one at the RHS advertising PDA is 120 x 600 pixels and from http : //

  Valvegrid 17:30 20 Oct 2004

PDA? Blinking spellchecker, meant to say PCA.

  Bugzee 17:58 20 Oct 2004

i can see just a plain grey bar next to the pca logo , no ads at all !!!!

  bluesbrother 18:05 20 Oct 2004

Do you have the Macromedia flash player installed?

  Valvegrid 18:06 20 Oct 2004

I'm just wondering if you JavaScript is working. Try this link, click here

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