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  Shortstop 09:47 17 Sep 2008


I have a Hewlett Packard All in One - a bit old, but fully functioning. My works have just supplied a new Dell 968 multifunction printer which also faxes so I want to store my HP in the loft in case of need in the future. There are 2 almost new cartridges in the Hewlett Packard that I would like to keep - if possible.

Can anyone advise the best way to store these?



  rawprawn 10:07 17 Sep 2008

Take them out and wrap them in clingfilm would be my best suggestion, but they won't keep for ever.

  Jim Thing 10:14 17 Sep 2008

I've just resurrected an elderly Epson in order to give it to a neighbour. About 2-3 years ago it was put away in a box in my study, in full working order and with cartridges fitted, when I bought one that prints direct onto CDs (an Epson Stylus Photo R220 — excellent printer for the price).

Last week I dug the old one out, did the nozzle check, and it worked perfectly.

  jack 10:29 17 Sep 2008

Remove the Carts and wrap in cling film or a ziploc bag but they will 'die in time'

The best thing to do is to find a new home for it so that it gets regular use.
Do you have in your area or do you subscribe to
Freecycle? or a small ad somewhere .
A new home is the best bet.

  Shortstop 11:53 17 Sep 2008

I would rather keep the printer as if anything happens with my job [especially in the current climate], I will lose the printer so I want a back up.

I'll pack these 2 carts in clingfilm then store it. I'll also purchase 2 new cartridges and store these as well - so all angles should be covered.

Again, many thanks to all for the help!


  jack 11:58 17 Sep 2008

Even new cartridges - have a shelf life.
Buy fresh if and when the need arises.

  Jim Thing 12:23 17 Sep 2008

Jack's advice is good re not buying new cartriges to store, despite my happy experience with a stored printer (above).

Many regulars on this forum recommend compatibles from click here. They're much cheaper than printer-manufacturer's cartridges and IMO just as good. I've bought from them for ages and never had a complaint.

  compumac 12:31 17 Sep 2008

Why not leave your printer connected so that you have two functional printers connected? I have two connected, one for general use and the other is available in the event of a problem with the first one, i.e. cartridge problem etc. It does mean that now and again you have to use number two to keep the cartidge from drying up but the convenience of a backup is worth it.

  Shortstop 14:11 17 Sep 2008

Thanks again - I understand about the shelf life of the carts so I'll buy these when I eventually bring it back down from the loft.

compumac - I simply don't have the desk space for 2 multi-function devices. As my employer will pay for new cartridges for 'their printer' it makes more sense attach this to my PC fore now and to use this until it gets taken away :o)



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