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Storing music collection on different drive

  tony-guitar 12:15 21 Sep 2014

hi, this may sound like a stupid question, but can anyone recommend a program like Windows Media Player? The reason is because my 2yr old Win7 pc has a 128Gb SSD (Drive C)with only 31Gb left, but also a 1Tb HDD (Drive D) with over 900Gb left. WMP and all the Libraries are of course on 'C' But I want to start again and put all my music on 'D'. I have Ashampoo Music Studio 2013 already installed on 'D' but it wants to save to My Recordings on 'C' which kind of defeats the object. Also WMP will sync to my HTC One Mini. Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Jollyjohn 14:12 21 Sep 2014

Simply move "My Music to D drive.

Create a new folder on D drive "Music"

Go Start, Computer ( or your Username) then Right click on My Music and one of the tabs is Location, click this and you will get the option to move the folder to a new location - select the new folder you created. Click Apply.

In Ashampoo there will be an option of where to save music, look under options or preferences.

  Batch 09:05 22 Sep 2014

This may help (a bit) if using WMP (I use WMP12 on Win7):

In WMP, go to Tools, Options and then on the Rip Music tab you specify the location you want ripped music to be stored.

Also, go to Organise, Manage Libraries, Music and specify only the disk locations that you want WMP to search for music files. By default WMP searches all over the place and includes all sorts of crap.

Have to say that I find WMP12 a bit rubbish (WMP10 was far better [but won't install on Win7], but then that's Microsoft for you).

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