storing lovefilm streaming on hdd

  southcoast1 19:13 08 May 2010

my internet connection is a bit hit and miss as im in the middle of nowhere about 10 miles at least from an exchange so when i watch online films on lovefilm it buffers all the time.

can i record the files onto my hard drive to watch at a better quality without the juddering.

  Ashrich 00:38 09 May 2010

I haven't used that website before , but I would imagine as it is for streaming that some type of DRM ( Digital Rights Management , anti piracy software )will be used so you can't save or record it , try letting it download in full by pausing it until it has downloaded completely , then watch it .


  southcoast1 14:17 09 May 2010

thanks for the suggestion but when i pause the film the download stops aswell.
it must be protected somehow then.
its a shame but the law is the law i suppose.
ive tried to email them directly but no response yet.

  Pineman100 17:31 09 May 2010

If downloading isn't working for you, Lovefilm also do a postal DVD loan system.

click here

  southcoast1 18:34 09 May 2010

i joined the postal service which has been excellent but they also do a streaming service aswell as part of my £14.99p/m.
it would be nice to doenload but it says on the site that it's streaming only and when you pause the down stops.

  nelosonbrback 14:06 28 Jun 2011

Sorry to bump this old thread, but was just curious how things are now with those lovefilm subscriptions.

Been thinking of getting one myself for instant films streaming and some dvd rentals, but not so happy with the streaming part since my internet connection is also not that good.

Any ideas if it's still not possible to download or save in any way instant streaming movies or tv shows from Lovefilm subscription?

  billtann 12:17 29 Jun 2011

I don't know, actually quite curious myself to see if it would be possible to download Lovefilm instant streaming movies to computer.

Although I doubt it you have any chance to find a way to download streaming movies from your Lovefilm subscription. If it was not possible then to save lovefilm movie streams, what makes you think anything changed and you would have any possibility to download or save movies from Lovefilm now?

Dunno, at least that's what I believe.

  quinbobs 12:08 30 Jun 2011

Of course you cannot just download Lovefilm streaming movies to your hard disk, don't think there some software that is actually able to catch and download Lovefilm streams.

One workaround might be, though not 100% sure, to actually record streaming movies or tv shows from Lovefilm while they play on the screen of your computer.

Plenty of screen recorder or screen capture programs on the internet, maybe there's one that could also record Lovefilm streams.Guess might be worth trying.

  jonnyeboy 13:12 01 Jul 2011

Not that easy to solve this, if you ask me.

Sure there are tons of screen capture or screen recorder software programs on the internet but I am quite sure not all of them can actually be used to record Lovefilm movie streams without any glitches.

Suppose you need one powerful enough to handle recording instant streaming movies from your Lovefilm subscription in real time and sync up the audio with the video.

  randyrex 15:29 13 Jul 2011

Hmm,this might actually help you record and save instant streaming movies and tv episodes from Netflix streaming subscription.

Noticed it just recently, got some Audials Tunebite piece of software on my computer and I usually use it do download some streaming videos I like off the internet but seems that it also works to capture, record and save instant streaming movies from Lovefilm as well.

I don't use Lovefilm streaming, but suppose if you guys have a subscription you can try it and see if it works good for you to download streaming movies from Lovefilm .

  billtann 13:40 25 Jul 2011

Cool, I was rather sure you can't just download lovefilm instant streaming movies or videos, but it didn't cross my mind that it would be possible to capture and record Lovefilm streaming movies with some sort of screen capture piece of software.

Silly me, that will surely solve the problems with how to save lovefilm streaming movies to hard disk much faster.

Suppose it would come in handy to record and save movies streaming from Lovefilm instant streaming subscription for offline viewing or anything like this.

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