Storing DVD's to your PC

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I'm attempting to store movies from DVD to my PC, I've got a DVD drive so I'm pretty certain I can do it somehow but how?? do I need some form of software and if so what??


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To get the movie onto your hard drive, you will need what is known as 'DVD Ripper' software. Becuase of the copy-protection on DVD movies, specialised software is needed to bypass it. click here for results from google. 'DVDXCopy' was one of the well known ones but its not sold in the UK.

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As I understand it copying DVD's breaches copyright laws (maybe wrong).

Why would you want to save them to HDD? If I watch a film I like the comfort of the sofa and the benefit of a much larger screen.

HDD space costs about £1 per Gb and, as most films will equate to 15Gb or thereabouts its as cheap to buy a copy.

  [DELETED] 19:20 26 Nov 2003

Totally agree with y_not.

Storing DVD's on your PC wastes unnecessary disk space and to be honest, its highly unlikely a DVD disk will go wrong as long as you keep them in their boxes and handle them appropriately.

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