Storing Digital Images Online

  manrow 17:01 13 Feb 2012

I have been looking into storing my photos online. I believe that the images will be reduced in resolution during the process, or are there sites that do not do this?

Is it a sensible idea to create my own website setup exclusively for my photos to be viewed by at least my family and friends around the world, or would this be expensive too?

  john bunyan 17:45 13 Feb 2012
  muddypaws 19:35 13 Feb 2012

I have used Picasa for some years.

You need the Picasa photo editing free programme and upload photos from there to your web albums also free. I think you get 20 gigs free storage on the web. Picasa

  muddypaws 19:37 13 Feb 2012


You can make any album 'Private' 'Public' or only 'Anyone with the link' that you send to them.

  Woolwell 20:24 13 Feb 2012

The problem with online storage is the upload speed which is typically very low. If you have many high resolution photos and therefore large file sizes then this could take a long time.

  john bunyan 20:48 13 Feb 2012

As 72 dpi is the nax for on screen viewing, and that is what you want, it nay be worth making a folder with copies of the photos you want to have on line. then choose a size you want. It should make for quicker uploading

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