Store pc in garage??

  gudda96 08:23 25 Nov 2003

I would appreciate some advice from anyone WHO KNOWS if its safe to store an unused pc in garage if it is wrapped properly in cardboard boxes.

My son needs the space but I am a bit scared of the responsability unless I am sure

  Forum Editor 08:48 25 Nov 2003

It was one of the first questions I answered, some three years ago, when the forum was in its infancy.

The danger here is the possibility of condensation/damp.Computer components are very susceptible to damage from dampness; over a period of time it can cause corrosion of contacts and connections on the motherboard. Unless your garage is heated I strongly advise against storing a computer there for anything longer than a couple of days or so.

As a general precaution you should always allow a computer to stand without being switched on for at least 12 hours after bringing it into a warm room from a garage or outhouse store.

  phoenix198 09:01 25 Nov 2003

Apart from the obvious security issue of storing anything the least bit valuable in a garage, the biggest problems will be the damp.

This could lead to corrosion of any ferrous components/fasteners but the principle hazard will be when the computer is brought back into your nice warm house and switched on, as the damp air inside the PC and will condense onto the internal components within PSU, the motherboard, in fact almost everything. This results in a significant risk of an electrical short circuit and major, probably terminal damage to the PC.

Two methods to reduce the risk:

1. Pack bags of dessicant into the PC packaging which will reduce/remove the risk of build up of moisture in the PC. Remember to periodically check the dessicant bags, they change colour (pink/blue depending on the brand) when they become saturated with moisture.

2. When you bring the PC back into the warm, unpack it but leave it to stand for at least two to three hours in a warm dry room prior to connecting any power to it (let alone switching it on) - this should allow any moisture or damp within the PC to dry out.

  gudda96 14:17 25 Nov 2003

Once again, a very quick response from you and good practical tips.

Might I ask you all which pieces are you referring to eg, processor/monitor/printer or is it all of them.

I take the point very much about the depreciation
and how much the same pc(4 yrs old)can be bought for second hand.

How about the loft in the house??

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