storage of laptop while on holiday?

  josie mayhem 23:20 03 Aug 2006

I have to take my laptop on holiday so that I can complete some outstanding paperwork for work :-(((

Even though I will be on a small campsite that we go to every year and never had any trouble, I'm still unwilling to leave it untended while away from the campsite (leaving it in my trailer tent)

But do I need to be concerned about leaving it in the boot of my car during the day while out and about?

I'm pondering the effects of heat to it, has we seem to be having a very hot summer this year! Do I need to worry or should I just Hump the dam thing around with me while out?

First time I've taken it way with me...

  Forum Editor 23:43 03 Aug 2006

that has no perfect solution.

On balance you'll find it's probably best to leave the machine in the boot of your car. Presumably you have a laptop bag, but if you don't, I advise you to get one. Buy one that has plenty of padding, and if you're worried about heat, wrap the whole thing in a car rug or beach towel.

The rug/towel will act as an insulator, and the computer will be fine.

  woodchip 23:49 03 Aug 2006

You could go to a local shop and ask them if they would look after it. Get you Greens out

  De Marcus™ 23:52 03 Aug 2006

Just got back from one of those holidays, thouroughly enjoyed it. Fe is as usual correct, wrap your laptop (in bag) in a large blanket of some description, it takes longer for the heat to get to it and also doubles up as a protector from knocks and bumps. If any particular day is really hot take it out of the boot and pop it under you car for 30 minutes or so to cool down. If the day turns out to be particaurly hot, start the engine and bang on the AC for 30 minutes with your laptop on the dash or front seats around 3-4pm.

  phono 23:54 03 Aug 2006

You could put the laptop in one of those cool boxes or bags if it is really hot, provided of course, it is dry inside and you don't add any ice packs, if it is one of the powered cool boxes DO NOT apply power to it.

As with the FE's suggestion it is just another method of insulating it against the heat.

Personally speaking I think either suggestion is a bit extreme but then again, I am no expert on extreme weather conditions.

  johnnyrocker 23:59 03 Aug 2006

laptop and holiday dont compute;)


  De Marcus™ 23:59 03 Aug 2006

Anyone who goes camping in a tent, trailer tent or caravan knows temperatures can rise almost instantly, to a point whereby it becomes unbearable (especially in tents, mid afternoon) for any occupants, imagine how the poor laptop feels ;-)

  phono 00:04 04 Aug 2006

Don't forget that if you are moving your laptop to or from your trailer tent or car you should do your best to disguise what it actually is, put it in a cardbord box, a plastic bag, or wrap it in something as you never know who is watching you.

It's a sad fact of life that whilst you and all the other holiday makers may be quite decent and honest any holiday spot is also rich pickings for criminal types.

  woodchip 00:07 04 Aug 2006

I took my Laptop in Camper van about three weeks ago. As above try not to display it for other to see. I took mine to download photos etc to it

  Smiler 10:31 04 Aug 2006

Go to your local Iceland shop and get an insulated bag to keep it in. You can use this to disguise it while transporting it as well :-)

  bjh 11:44 04 Aug 2006

Um, sorry to turn stomachs but we bought a "nappy bag" from Mothercare..... and we don't have kids!!!

It's a "sealable-smell-proof" padded bag, labelled nappies, wiv a huggly wuggly baby in a nappy wappy.. (I do NOT like kids, hence do not have kids... I CERTAINLY hate nappies).

Bung the computer in one of those, and it's the last place a thief will rake through!

If any thief dares open the bag, the first thing he will find is a folded nappy or two (they are actually clean, but.....) He is unlikely to delve further. I haven't decorated any of the nappies to make it less appealing, but your artistic imagination could be let loose.

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