Storage folders in Windows Live Mail

  hastelloy 19:05 01 May 2014

A friend of mine has been using a W7 laptop with WLM for some time and has a number of folders under storage folders.

She has recently bought a W8 desktop and has installed WLM. When she logs into WLM it brings up all of her email addresses but none of the folders in storage folders, although she can still access these on the laptop.

Any ideas on how to get these to appear on the desktop please?

  AroundAgain 00:30 02 May 2014

Hi It sounds as if your friend is set up for POP3, which is fine if you only use one device, or don't want your emails to sync with other devices.

If you want to check your email on more than one device, and want them to be up-to-date on each device, you may be best with IMAP. So, emails that you've read on a PC, show that they've been read when viewed on laptop/phone etc, or if you've already deleted emails on your laptop, you don't want them to still be there on your PC when you view your emails there. They sort of synchronize.

This web page, click here explains the difference. If you want alternative explanations, maybe type 'pop vs imap' into a search engine.

  hastelloy 09:18 04 May 2014


Thanks for that. I've read your link and followed your suggestion re searching for 'pop vs imap' but am not at all sure that imap is right for my friend. She can access her emails on both PC and laptop and I can access them from my PC so they're not being deleted from the server. I still don't really get why the storage folders aren't available on both machine. I guess I'm just being a bit thick and I'll kick myself when (if) the penny drops!

  Secret-Squirrel 09:51 04 May 2014

" I still don't really get why the storage folders aren't available on both machine."

WLM's Storage Folders are local folders that reside on the computer's hard drive - they are not synced between WLM on different computers.

Who is your friend's email provider? If it's an IMAP/HTTP type account such as Gmail or Hotmail then there may be a workaround for this.

  hastelloy 10:38 04 May 2014


She has O2, hotmail and gmail accounts.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:38 04 May 2014

With the Hotmail account, and probably the Gmail one too, the folders and messages are stored on the server so that's why she's able to see them all on more than one PC. The local Storage Folders can't synchronise and can only be seen on the computer where they reside.

If your friend really needs to see the messages from the Storage Folders on her new PC then the only workaround I can think of is to create subfolders under her Hotmail (or Gmail if it's IMAP) and copy the important messages from Storage Folders to those new folders. After a short time, WLM on her Windows 8 desktop should show the new folders and messages.

  hastelloy 08:50 05 May 2014


Many thanks for that. I was afraid that was going to be the way. Unfortunately it's going to take a long time but that's life I guess.

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