Storage for Epson Inkjet Printers

  saxman 18:23 15 Jul 2006

I have an Epson C20 inkjet printer and every time I am away for a while and the printer has not been used it is very reluctant to start. I have to go to printer preferences and go through endless cleaning to get it to print. I feel that I have read an article ,at some time, about the correct way to store a printer at times of prolonged absence,
can Anyone please help?

  Fingees 18:46 15 Jul 2006

As I understand it,.
Epson printers have to be connected to the mains, although not switched on at the printer, at all times.

This I was informed when I had one, keeps the ink at the right temperature Etc, and prevents the head clogging.

I must say, i kept mine plugged in when i had it, and had no trouble in three years.

  Jackcoms 19:00 15 Jul 2006

I'm having similar problems with my Canon i850 at the moment.

If I don't print anything for a few days, it clogs and streaks (and some colours fail altogether) when I do print.

I've cleaned the print head with warm water, I've changed cartridges, I've done any number of cleans and 'deep' cleans. I've re-aligned the print head several times and still it's not perfect.

My recollection is that my problems started with the onset of the warmer weather.

I seem to recall reading, in this Forum, that it's wise to print a couple of pages of multi-coloured script every day to give all the cartridges (1 black and 3 colour) a regular 'workout'.

Is this a reasonable course of action?

  Stuartli 19:33 15 Jul 2006

This would seem to indicate that the printer would be live at all times, even if switched off.....

  Fingees 20:19 15 Jul 2006


This would seem to indicate that the printer would be live at all times, even if switched off.....

Yes, but that is what was advised in the manual.

  Strawballs 20:19 15 Jul 2006

choicestationary do carts with cleaner fluid you could try puttings those in and running through before you go away so there is no ink in the print heds to dry up

  saxman 13:39 17 Jul 2006

how exactly do I access the print heads??

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