Storage of Digital Photo's

  Enoch 06:24 28 Jan 2005


I am running Home XP. I have a lot of photo's stored on my PC, within My Documents > My Pictures. Within "My Pictures I have 5 separate folders (individual subjects) containing photo's.

My question is; Can I make even more folders within the current 5 folders or am I taking the extensions to the "My Pictures" too far. I want to split up the folders into even more and select a given subjects into dated (annual)photo's.

Following question, even if I can, do I give myself a problem within backing up which I do weekly. If I do have a PC problem and have to re-install would the PC read extention into extention.

I have done nothing more as yet and I await opinions please

  Diodorus Siculus 07:48 28 Jan 2005

You can have as many subfolders as you want - there may be a theoretical level as well as a practical level but within reason you should have no problems.

As for backups, again no real problem.

For what it's worth, I have a partition on the disk called my data. Within this is MyDocumnents, my photos and so on, and within my photots are perhaps 8 levels of subfolders (and growing). This is easily backed up to another disk daily.

Picasa 2
click here - excellent and free software for viewing your pictures.

  temp003 07:56 28 Jan 2005

What you want to do is no problem at all. In fact, you should do it to make better organisation. You can either create more folders in My Pictures, or create further subfolders within your existing 5 folders.

On XP the path to a file can be a max of 256 characters long. The actual path to your pictures on XP is C:\Documents and Settings\[your user name]\My Documents\My Pictures. You're nowhere near 256, subject to practical considerations pointed out by Diodorus Siculus. The more subfolders you create, the more you have to click to get to a file.

  Pesala 09:52 28 Jan 2005

It is completely free software, only 3 Mbyte download. An excellent graphics organiser software with some neat special effects. click here

  Enoch 11:34 28 Jan 2005


Your help and advice is fantastic and it is really appreciated. I have now downloaded and installed Picasa 2 and it really works and generally self-explainable. One minor question. Do I leave the programme in "Programme Files" where it ended up or do I put it inside "MyDocuments".

Secondly, I seem now to have the photo's both in MyDocuments" and Picaso. If any photo's are deleted in Picaso, do they also automatically get deleted from MyDocuments. This question refers only to documents as opposed to photo's where they are stored in MyDocuments but not required to be in Picaso.

Or finally, have got it wrong and Picaso is only an organised viewer of files in MyDocuments

  huzzar 14:11 28 Jan 2005

Enoch - Firstly, it,s not nice to hijack someone elses thread but your questions will be addressed here.

All programs should be put in "Program Files. Don't put any programs in My Documents, they don't belong there.

Yes you are right - Picaso is only an organised viewer of files in My Documents or/and whatever folder you wish Picasa to monitor.

Hope that answers you Q's

  jack 14:22 28 Jan 2005

All the exellent advice given here, cannot be faulted.
One point to remember though
The only cause of confusion is always the user not the computer. From the earliest days of computering the rule of 'KISS' prevails

Keep It Simple Stupid
this is not a personal slight
We can all get carried away with what the computer can do and come to find it is our own shortcomings
that let us down. In this case no so many folders in folders Eh!

  GroupFC 15:33 28 Jan 2005

It is Enoch's thread!

  Totally-braindead 15:39 28 Jan 2005

huzzar are you having a bad day?

  huzzar 15:41 28 Jan 2005

I'm having a really bad day, thanka for the wake up call friends. :)

  Enoch 15:43 28 Jan 2005


Sorry, but did I do something wrong? I thought it was MY thread and I was continueing as I started. If I DID do something wrong by hijacking, please explain. If I did hijack, I apologise, but I do not see how.

But to continue my question, if I delete in Picaso, does it also delete from MyPictures in MyDocuments and/or vice versa?

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