Stopping unneeded services.

  wesparmalee 14:01 16 Apr 2005

I'm running Windows xp,and i'm finding boot up times increasing every few days or so.I've been told that disabling unneeded programs that run on all pc's is the best way to speed things up generally.The problem is that nobody seems to have a guide as to what to turn off.I'm pretty sure my computer is running stuff i'll never use everytime it's on,but how do i know what to turn off e.t.c.I don't want to disable something that's needed.Also how do you turn off certain services?I know you can use msconfig,but are there other ways to do this,as msconfig only seems to offer limited options.Please help,thanks.

  stalion 14:05 16 Apr 2005

your computer is far more likely to run slower unless you de-frag about once a month and do a cleanup of the registry and temp files

  stalion 14:08 16 Apr 2005
  rubella 14:15 16 Apr 2005

The free version will stop a lot of windows crud from running:click here

  bertiecharlie 14:18 16 Apr 2005

Optimize XP Services click here The ElderGeek, look under S for Services Guide for Windows XP click here

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