Stopping telemarketing calls

  Legolas 16:04 10 Dec 2003

A few months ago I filled in a form on-line to opt out of receiving telemarketing phone calls and it worked a treat, since then I have only received a couple of such calls. I was telling my friend about it and they want to do the same, trouble is I cannot remember the site I visited to opt out anyone know the site address?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:16 10 Dec 2003
  Legolas 16:25 10 Dec 2003

Thanks for the links guys it was the TPS I was looking for, it is worth registering to be rid of the sales calls.

  Legolas 16:43 10 Dec 2003

Gaz 25 That cetainly works for that particular company but registering works well in stopping the phone call in the first place.

If they call after you have registered you just politely tell them you have registered with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service)and their call is illegal that soon gets them to hang up.

In the 4-5 months since registering I have received two-three phone calls from telesales companies wheras before it was almost every night.

Plus I used to get the silent call, the phone would ring and when I picked up the receiver there was no answer just a buzzing sound, at first I thought it was a nuisance caller but I realised it was happening about the same time every night I had my suspicions it was a telesales call but did not know why I got no reply on lifting the receiver, then I seen a programme on the TV a few weeks ago that was talking about silent calls and it seems the telesales companies set up their computers to dial out a certain ammount of telephone numbers at random say 100 for example but they may only have 20 telesales staff so the first 20 calls to be answered get a salesperson on the other end the remaining 80 get nothing hence the silent call.

This practice by telesales companies is acutely illegal but no company has yet been prosecuted.

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