Stopping someone copying an image on a website

  erkmatrix 14:26 15 Nov 2005

Hi Does anyone know how to stop someone copying an image on a website. I have started a website for my commissioned portraits and want to put a proof of the image up on my website however I want to stop them copying the pic and printing it off, I was going to watermark it but just heard theres a way to stop someone actually right clicking and saving but I don't know how to do it, just wondered if anyone here knew.

Cheers Phil

  Ben Avery 14:35 15 Nov 2005

unless you watermark the images, it is going to be possible for people to find and print them. Sure, you can make it "difficult" but essentially you need watermarking.

  Ben Avery 14:38 15 Nov 2005
  Forum Editor 14:51 15 Nov 2005

that to all intents and purposes it's impossible to stop someone taking an image from your web page, and frankly it's a waste of time trying.

What you can do is follow the lead from the big image-banks and put a watermark on the image.

  stinkyeye 20:17 22 Nov 2005

There is a java script that will prevent any right clicking on your site you need to search scripts you will find it and more.

  stinkyeye 18:43 11 Dec 2005

It is not a waste of time if the bod right clicking doesnt know a work around tit

  PurplePenny 20:45 11 Dec 2005

"doesnt know a work around tit"

A right-click block might deter a casual copier but I think that anyone intent on stealing copyright images will know how to get around it.

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