Stopping Scandisk after faulty shutdown!

  TonyV 20:04 07 Feb 2005

I have recently had my machine re-formatted and it now works well after its' spring/Winter clean!
I have now put all the programmes etc back on and it still works fine. However, occasionaly, it kicks back and I have to shut down with out closing Windows 98SE correctly. This means that when I start again, the Scandisk runs.

Before I had it reformatted, I had it set to not start after such a faulty shutdown. As ever, I've forgotten how I stopped it from running. Anyone got any ideas? I've a sneaking suspicion it was a check mark in the initial BIOS set-up.


  Dorsai 20:28 07 Feb 2005

To be honest, I always let the auto scan run after a faulty shut-down. It has rarely finds a problem. But It is the time there is a problem that you will be thankful it was found.

It certainly beats a re-format and re-install, waiting that extra few mins for the scan to run.

You can always hit ESC and just bypass it, after all.

  TonyV 20:39 07 Feb 2005


Yes, you are right, but I just think it is neater to run it when I want to rather than when it thinks it has to!

I run it on a regular basis anyway alomg with the Defrag element.

Thanks though!

  Kalb 22:14 07 Feb 2005

Just seen your disable Scandisk in Win98 msconfig...opens at General on Advanced (bottom right)...opens at Advanced Troubleshooting Settings...tick Disable Scandisk after bad shutdown...OK

  TonyV 22:47 07 Feb 2005


Many thanks. That is what I was looking for. Sorry I didn't come back earlier. but I had to see Ellen MacArthur do her stuff!!



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